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October 3-9, 2005
Week 13 of 13 | Contest 2

Photo Info: You might find this photo kind of bizarre. This is me, in the Pacific Ocean...holding a baby. :) Actually this is Ian, my friend Doug's kid, when I visited them in Hawaii back in '02.

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Brent Fredrickson

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Brent Doug: "Lane, I was only kidding way back in grade school when I said that if you beat me in 2-square you could have my unborn child" Add a Comment 13 6.46 -
2 Michael "Hey guys look what I found. Should I put it back?" Add a Comment 13 6.15 -
3 Lane Lane in 5 years: "Everyone succumbs eventually..." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 13 6.00 -
4 Brent Lane starts to drown, so Doug, thinking quickly, throws him the most buoyant thing he can find. Add a Comment 13 5.85 -
5 Brent In case of emergency landing, your seat bottom cushion or your small child may be used for a flotation device. Add a Comment 13 5.54 -
6 Lane SWAT Team: "What are your demands?"
Lane: "I want...50% share in Pepsi and...some free movie passes...oh, and a nice shrubbery." Add a Comment
13 5.23 -
7 Michael By the tans of these two fellas we can guess which one is from Utah and which one isn't. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 13 5.15 -
8 Jeff T Lane has really been married with a child for quite a while; he just keeps it a well guarded secret. Add a Comment 13 5.15 -
9 Michael Yet another trick to getting the ladies. Lane you are a genious. Add a Comment 13 5.15 -
10 Kendal After realizing that his friend Lane is so easily suckered into baby-sitting for free, Doug decides to move back to Utah. Add a Comment 13 5.00 -
11 Kendal In case of a shark attack, Lane decides to haul some protection with him into the sea. Add a Comment 13 4.92 -
12 Casey I wonder who is more buoyant Lane or Ian? Add a Comment 13 4.69 -
13 Lane Lifeguard: "Hey! What's your kid doing out there??"
Lane: "Have you SEEN the price of Pampers these days?" Add a Comment
13 4.69 -
14 Michael In Hawaii, babies know how to swim when they are born. Ian is showing Lane the ropes. Add a Comment 13 4.62 -
15 Michael "Dude Mike, look what I found! I have never seen a fish like this before!?!" Add a Comment 13 4.54 -
16 Brent Ian is thinking "I hope my first words will be "Hey, let go of me, punk!" Add a Comment 13 4.00 -
17 Michael Oh how cute. Two babies. Add a Comment 13 3.92 -
18 Amy M "Hey Doug, it is as they say easier giving birth in the water and they come out with a tan and diapers, this is great, and it is even your kid." Add a Comment 13 3.85 -
19 Lane Ian: "Goo goo gaa gaa!"
Translation: "Ooh, ooh, a seahorse! Let go of me, stupid haole!" Add a Comment View Comments (1)
13 3.77 -