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October 10-16, 2005
Week 1 of 13 | Contest 3

Photo Info: Another upload from Nate...who is quickly becoming the king of finding bizarro photos. :)

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Michael Hopkins

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Michael After flushing his little brother's head down the toilet, his mother and father decide the best punishment is a taste of his own medicine. Add a Comment View Comments (4) 17 6.00 -
2 Lane Although the Make a Wish Foundation thought Bubble Boy's last wish to see Tunisia was odd, they nevertheless found a way to grant it... Add a Comment 17 5.71 -
3 Jeff T Don't tap on the glass. Add a Comment 17 5.53 -
4 Amy M I really want to swim under water, but mom said I can't get my feet wet. Add a Comment 17 5.29 -
5 Jeff T The inventor of camelbacks tried several variations before getting it right. Add a Comment 17 5.24 -
6 Cray Since it takes both hands to hold this thing in place I sure hope the knot in my towel stays tight. Add a Comment 17 5.24 -
7 Michelle Sick of being called "Pinhead" his entire life, Eugene finally finds a way to make his freakishly small head match the size of his body. Add a Comment 17 5.06 -
8 Amber "Mom, how long do I have to stay in 'time-out'?" Add a Comment 17 4.94 -
9 Jordan H Believe it or not, this guy gets more chicks than Nate. Add a Comment 18 4.83 -
10 Cray L'oreal's newest cure for dry skin syndrome. Add a Comment 17 4.82 -
11 Cray You may laugh now, but when I get this perfected every fish in the ocean is going to want one.
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17 4.82 -
12 Michael I've always wondered how fish in a bowl see the world. Add a Comment 17 4.76 -
13 Brent What people with kidney failure had to do before dialysis machines. Add a Comment 17 4.71 -
14 Lane Don't let pasty white skin keep you from the joys of the high desert. Introducing the new "Sahara Observer", with SPF 8 Million technology. Add a Comment 17 4.65 -
15 Shelley Delusions of superhero-dom in his mind, Conrad transforms himself into "Underwater Man" Add a Comment 18 4.61 -
16 Amy M "Mom help me please! Help! My nose itches." Add a Comment 17 4.53 -
17 William You think this is cool now, see it January! Add a Comment 17 4.53 -
18 Lane Scuba Steve's lesser-known sidekick, Snorkel Skip. Add a Comment 17 4.47 -
19 Shelley Jonah thought he'd get more ladies on with his new profile pic... "loves long walks on the beach" Add a Comment 18 4.44 -
20 Brent Though he gets an A for effort, the Sith just didn't want Darth Dorkhead Add a Comment 17 4.41 -
21 Karin I got my own little aquarium-bowl, because if I was an animal, I'd be a fish! Add a Comment 17 4.35 -
22 Michael Stop making fun of me guys! You know I'm natural face moisture impaired. Add a Comment 17 4.35 -
23 Sommer Unfortunately the oddest part about this picture is not just the boy with the fish tank on his head, it is the large white and green furry thing behind him. What the freak is that? Add a Comment View Comments (8) 17 4.35 -
24 Joel John suddenly realizes that there are no bathrooms, in fact, not even so much as a bush, for a hundred miles. Add a Comment 17 4.12 -
25 Sommer Introducing the new BYU Helmet. For all those less fortunates who don't make it into BYU and want to know what it's like. You can wear it around any college campus and it's just like being in the middle of Provo. Add a Comment 17 3.94 -
26 Lane Snorky - one of several rejected characters for the Star Wars cantina scene. Add a Comment 17 3.88 -
27 William Introducing the new Camelhead Add a Comment 17 3.76 -
28 Karin Litterally living in a bowl! Add a Comment 17 3.76 -
29 William Jack (from Jack in the Box) is finally exposed! (This might be a regional joke, N/A to Ut?) Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 3.76 -
30 Michael You ALMOST can't tell that this guy's dad is a merman. Add a Comment 17 3.59 -
31 Brent Nate's bubble-head charm goes awry. Add a Comment 17 3.59 -
32 Karin It's not "Finding Nemo".. It's "Finding Nate"! Add a Comment 17 3.35 -
33 Casey The first "Stillsuit" prototype. Add a Comment 17 3.18 -