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October 24-30, 2005
Week 3 of 13 | Contest 3

Photo Info: In honor of the recently opened movie The Work and the Glory: American Zion I give you this picture from its promotional poster.This is Jonathan Scarfe, I guess, who plays Joseph Smith. The look on his face just seemed odd to me so I had to toss it up this week. :)

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Nate Haldeman

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Nate Hyrum said to just relax my eyes but I have been staring at this thing for hours and I still don't see the sail boat. Add a Comment 17 6.71 -
2 Lane "Cut, CUT! Jonathan, you've just been tarred and feathered for crying out you think you could manage a face which conveys more emotion than 'I smell some bad cheese'?" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 5.88 -
3 Amy M "Did you hear that gargle? That stew of Emma's isn't sitting well with me." Add a Comment 17 5.59 -
4 Lane Joseph's reaction from the spirit world when he discovered where Brigham had led the saints: "No, no, no! That's not the place at all. The PLACE was supposed to be halfway between Palm Springs and San Bernardino. This is unbelievable!" Add a Comment 17 5.24 -
5 Mindy
It's not the first time he's made this face. And it won't be the last. Add a Comment View Comments (2)
17 5.24 -
6 Amy M The look on his face states: "What? I can't, Emma will kick my butt to the couch if I start getting involved in Polygamy." Add a Comment 17 5.06 -
7 Michael He is thinking "Gosh, I think that's the ugliest girl I have ever seen." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 5.00 -
8 Joel "this collar is really starting to annoy me." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 5.00 -
9 Amy M Jonathan Scarfe's first endorsement proposition since the movie: Get the "Holy crap my flesh is on fire, 3rd degree burn" sensation from the new and improved icy hot, melts the pain away. Add a Comment 17 5.00 -
10 Lane "Joseph, my humble servant...I give to thee the opportunity to know anything thy heart desires..."
"I wish to know the day and nature of mine own death." (pause) "Oops, no I didn't." Add a Comment
17 5.00 -
11 Mindy Historians agree that Joseph used expressions like this when something bad was happening or when the sun was in his eyes or when he was in pain. Add a Comment 17 4.71 -
12 Brent The reason for his concerned look is because his left ear is blowing up. Add a Comment 17 4.65 -
13 Nate Wow. This is how you want me to wear my hair? Add a Comment 17 4.65 -
14 William What!?! I'm getting paid how much! Add a Comment 17 4.65 -
15 Lane "Did I put out the fire in the wood-burning stove? I can only imagine what it would do to the house if I didn't..." Add a Comment 17 4.53 -
16 Cray This "brighter than the noon day sun" thing is getting old. Add a Comment 17 4.47 -
17 Brent Jonathan: "I never noticed while posing for the poster picture that my hair was on fire." Add a Comment 17 4.41 -
18 Karin Jonathan after the director for the 117th time said: "CUT! Not good enough! We'll do it over!" Add a Comment 17 4.35 -
19 Mindy Jonathan Scarfe won the roll of Joseph with his masterful interpretation of "a poor wayfaring man of grief". Add a Comment 17 4.29 -
20 Karin Jonathan: "If they take one more picture for this poster...." Add a Comment 17 4.24 -
21 Steven Do you smell that? Add a Comment 18 4.17 -
22 Brent "Cut! Cut! Jonathan, it says right here Joseph shot EYE-beams at his enemies, not EAR-beams, lets try it again." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 4.12 -
23 Brent And then somebody farted... Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 2.94 -
24 William All I need is a J-dog! Add a Comment View Comments (4) 17 2.94 -