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April 18-24, 2005
Week 3 of 13 | Contest 1

Photo Info: This was...just this morning actually, on a side hike off the White Rim Road in

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Julie Harker

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Julie H While hiking Mike, Aaron, and Lane are suprised by female voices coming up the trail. They each rely upon their instincts. Mike freezes in sheer terror. Aaron breaks into a sprint and Lane gets ready to take a picture. Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 18 7.50 -
2 Mike K After getting lost on what Lane claimed would be a "pansy little hike", Aaron snatches Lane's GPS and emphatically hurls it into the depths of the Green River. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 18 6.89 -
3 Morgan that's it, Mike, i've heard that cell phone for the last !@#$%^ time. Add a Comment 18 6.61 -
4 Meghan As Aaron continued to dance the Hokey Pokey, putting his “right hand in” – Mike stood enthralled, waiting for the moment when he would “shake it all about”. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 18 6.44 -
5 Mike K Mike looks on as Aaron takes his turn in an extreme game of Bocce. Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 18 6.22 -
6 Cray Aaron shows his disapointment that the Green river is actually brown. Add a Comment 18 6.11 -
7 Brent Unfortunately, this is the last footage we have of Aaron, as his right sandal snapped and he went rolling down the hill right after his rock. We CAN take comfort in the fact that he rolled farther than his rock, thus breaking the record. It's how he would have liked to have gone. Add a Comment 18 6.11 -
8 Lane Mike: "Yo Aaron, I think a scorpion just crawled up the back of your shirt..." Add a Comment 18 5.89 -
9 Mike K In an angry outburst and exclaiming that “we’re screwed”, Aaron goes ‘Blair Witch’ and chucks the group’s only map. Add a Comment 18 5.78 -
10 Michael "You haven't ever seen what the Heisman trophy looks like? Well, it is kind of like this...." Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 18 5.67 -
11 Meghan With a little awkward but skillful positioning, Aaron proudly demonstrates how he can make the shadow bunny bounce across his chest Add a Comment 18 5.56 -
12 Lane Mike admires Aaron's ability to get around despite some "complications" after his last knee surgery. Add a Comment 18 5.50 -
13 Joel "His name is Aaron and he dances on the sand, just like that river twisting through a dusty land..." Add a Comment View Comments» (5) 18 5.50 -
14 Steve As Moses parts the red sea, Arron proclaims, 'Come Iseralites, its safe to cross now...' Add a Comment 19 5.26 -
15 Miranda AT LAST-someone has taken a picture of the Barishnakov Boys on their alleged "manly outtings" to which no woman is invited.
Mike: ...and now LEAP(pause pause)...LEAP(pause pause)...LEAP into the air. Feel the if you are a feather!!! (clap clap clap) Very nice, Aaron! I could FEEL the energy. Now, is your turn. Add a Comment
19 5.16 -
16 Lane Aaron thought a relaxing weekend in Canyonlands away from the hustle and bustle of normal life would help him unwind...apparently he thought wrong. Add a Comment 18 5.11 -
17 Michelle Aaron: "Check it out, Mike--I've totally been working my glutes this week at the gym. Can you tell the difference?" Mike: "Oh, yeah--your butt looks totally stellar." Add a Comment 18 5.06 -
18 Brent As the only know rock skipping pro in the West, Aaron demonstrates correct form while Mike pays attention and works on his stance. Add a Comment View Comments» (9) 18 4.78 -
19 Lane Mike enrolls in a class for the increasingly popular "Desert Yoga". Teacher: "Now watch carefully as I demonstrate the difficult 'Dust Devil' stretch." Add a Comment 18 4.72 -
20 Brent Aaron thinks he can make big splashes. The truth is, he has no idea the splash he is about to make as Mike is preparing here to charge. Add a Comment 18 4.72 -
21 Anonymous Mike: Dude, you just are never gonna get that "Oh what a feeling, Toyota" thing, are you? Add a Comment 19 4.68 -
22 Casey You might be a redneck, if the only two friends you got are these two. Add a Comment 18 4.61 -
23 Cray Mike, newly elected tribal judge, inspects Aaron's effort to join the Whirling Dervish Society. Add a Comment 18 4.33 -
24 Leena Mike stumbles upon Aaron practicing his Keanu Reeves Matrix moves. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 18 4.33 -
25 Brent THIS SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! Aaron vs. Mike in the Rock Rolling CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD. Winner take all! The grand prize, $2 and Lane Pollock's Nissan XTerra! Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 18 4.22 -
26 Meghan Motioning below to the ghosts of Chief Running Bull and his Ute warriors who once ruled this river basin...Aaron gives a loud Indian whoop and shouts his war cry “Come brothers, let us defend our land!” as he runs for the hills. Add a Comment 18 4.22 -
27 Donna "She doesn't love me!!! I just can't take it anymore," is his last cry as he awkwardly throws himself over the edge of the cliff. The bystanders watch in stupefied silence. Add a Comment 18 4.22 -
28 Brian Unaware of Mike's presence, Aaron further develops his experemental tai chi, "throw-rock-dojitsu." embarassing. Add a Comment 18 3.78 -
29 Greg Watch my form as I demonstrate why I am the mightly rock-skipping champion of the world!!!!! Add a Comment 19 3.42 -
30 Leena On the set of Footloose II ... Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 18 2.89 -