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October 31-November 6, 2005
Week 4 of 13 | Contest 3

Photo Info: I'm not a big Halloween this is my tribute to the holiday, and is about as Halloweeny as I plan to get this year. :)

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Congratulations to this week's winner:
Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane A yack-o-lantern. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 14 6.50 -
2 Mike K As Jane started to scoop out the insides, she accidentally triggered the pumpkin's sensitive gag reflex. Add a Comment 14 6.14 -
3 Lane Little Bobby's submission to the "carve a pumpkin in the likeness of your parents" contest:
"This is my dad. Sometimes he comes home late at night and he smells funny and my mommy yells at him and then this happens." Add a Comment
14 5.71 -
4 Mike K Lane expresses his hatred towards Halloween with this jack-o-lantern. Here's some background:

1977: Dad dresses up as Dracula and scares the crap out of Little Lane
1980: Sent home after puking pumpkin pie on Lauralee Seaver during school Halloween party
1982: 1st jack-o-lantern and 1st trip to hospital (12 stitches in left hand)
1989: Grounded for 1 month after caught smashing pumpkins
1991: Slightly over-weight prom date wears hideous pumpkin colored dress
2001: Almost burns down house after placing jack-o-lantern too close to the drapes Add a Comment View Comments» (4)
14 5.64 -
5 Joel In nature there are many different approaches to spreading ones seed. Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 14 5.43 -
6 Jeff T Horace the pumpkin could not stand to see the "blood and gore" taking place at the hands of pumpkin smashers out in the street Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 15 5.13 -
7 Mike K What a wuss...he can't even handle his 'boos'. Add a Comment 14 5.07 -
8 Cray This pumpkin has evolved a better way to assure proper seed distribution. Add a Comment 14 4.93 -
9 Lane A scary pumpkin indeed! One question it supposed to be Mary-Kate, or Ashley? Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 14 4.86 -
10 Mike K I'd probably vomit, too, if I realized they had just fed me cousin Bob. Add a Comment 14 4.86 -
11 William "Beer before liquor, never sicker" Add a Comment 14 4.71 -
12 Cray If I only had arms I could haver reached the barf bag in time. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 14 4.71 -
13 Michael There is nothing like a good halloween to bring the best out of you. Add a Comment 14 4.57 -
14 Lane "Mmm, this is delicious...what do you call it?"
"Pumpkin pie." Add a Comment
14 4.57 -
15 Amy M Help, I have a stringer. Can someone help get this off of my lip? Add a Comment 14 4.50 -
16 Michael Pumpy really needs to stop purging. Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 14 4.21 -
17 Carol-Lyn Dinner never looks real good on the return trip. Add a Comment 15 4.20 -
18 Steven This pumpkin made a delicious halloween smoothie and tried to lick the blades of the blender while they were still going. Add a Comment 15 4.20 -
19 David Eating too many Halloween treats makes me feel this way too. Add a Comment 14 4.07 -
20 Amy M Pumpkin seeds always make me sick, I should have known I couldn't hold them down. Add a Comment 14 4.00 -
21 William Bulimia is never the answer. Add a Comment 14 3.79 -
22 Karin Another way of turning the insides out! Add a Comment 14 3.79 -
23 Michael Yumm! Anyone want to bake some pumkin seeds!?! Add a Comment 14 3.71 -
24 Karin An out of body experience... Add a Comment 14 3.64 -
25 Karin Pumpkin with a hangover! Add a Comment 14 3.64 -
26 Karin Halloween just makes me sick! Add a Comment 14 3.57 -
27 Amy M “My eyes, my eyes, where are my eyes? I can’t see! I am getting sick! Blllllllaaaaooooouuuuugggghhhhhhhh! Oh, there are my eyes.” Add a Comment 14 3.57 -
28 Michael When the pumpkin sees the man's costume, he pukes.

"I knew I shouldn't have been a prostitute for Halloween." Add a Comment
14 3.57 -
29 Cray Talk about throwing up your guts. Add a Comment 14 3.50 -