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November 14-20, 2005
Week 6 of 13 | Contest 3

Photo Info: This is Michelle down in Cedar City behind her grandparent's house. She was a good sport and agreed to let me take this shot. :)

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Ryan Rawlings

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Ryan Sure I'll shave your back, Lane. Add a Comment View Comments (5) 19 6.21 -
2 Mike K What did Lane do to incur the wrath of Michelle?

a) Refused one of Grandma's brownies (multiple-choice tests always have at least one 'gimme' wrong answer).
b) Read every sign from Provo to Cedar City with a whistling lisp.
c) Said something insensitive and tactless.
d) Took her on a hike where she suffered a severe concussion. Add a Comment View Comments (7)
19 5.89 -
3 Lane Michelle with a big scythe would play,
Until that calamitous day,
When she swung it around
And in horror she found,
She'd lopped off her grandpa's toupee. Add a Comment
19 5.79 -
4 Lane Michelle prepares for her solo morning jog: "It's not as convenient as a little bottle of mace...but it takes care of the problem permanently...if you know what I'm sayin'..." Add a Comment 19 5.68 -
5 Doug Sure, I killed my cheating, good-for-nothin, lazy a$$ boyfriend. And now I have to cut YOU down. But I have good news... I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by swithing to Geico. Add a Comment 20 5.55 -
6 Mike K "Fine Lane, I'll hold this damn thing so you can get a picture for your precious photo of the week!" Add a Comment View Comments (6) 19 5.53 -
7 Mike K There's just something about women doing yardwork in thongs. Add a Comment View Comments (3) 19 5.53 -
8 Doug "What I got here is an antique 1820 scythe with a 24in razor sharp tempered steel blade mounted to custom curved, five foot, hand carved, northern white ash long handle with a controlling offshoot handle for optimum leverage and maximum torque through every swing. [spitting chew] Now, you want to see my rake?!" Add a Comment View Comments (2) 20 5.50 -
9 Mike K Next, on 60 Minutes: Into the backyard of a serial killer. We'll discuss her obsession with growing large vegetables and the horrific extremes she went to. Add a Comment 19 5.47 -
10 Brian In an attempt to improve PR, the grim reaper ditches the black cloak, starts wearing flip-flops and pajama pants, and changes her name to the "glad reaper" Add a Comment 19 5.42 -
11 Amy M Go ahead, say I'm twitternated one more time. Add a Comment View Comments (9) 19 5.16 -
12 Lane "My conversion to Amish was smooth...unfortunately I can't say the same about my legs anymore." Add a Comment 19 5.16 -
13 Lane Michelle, Michelle, lookin' like hell
How does your garden grow?
Medieval arms and quaint little farms
And cucumbers all in a row. Add a Comment
19 5.11 -
14 Michael Michelle, when it says in the scriptures to "Thrust in your sickle" it really isn't being literal. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 19 5.11 -
15 Michelle Those damn rabbits ain't gonna eat none o' my cabbages no more! Add a Comment View Comments (1) 19 5.00 -
16 Brian oh, you wanna ask me a question, do you? I got your answer right here. Add a Comment 19 4.95 -
17 Morgan Come here and tell me I'm fat. I dare you. Add a Comment 20 4.90 -
18 Brent Though her mood meter was reading "PMS", John Doe decided to go ahead and "Ask Michelle" anyway, having no idea that this was waiting at the other end. And, folks, you already know the rest of this sad tale. Add a Comment 19 4.89 -
19 Steve HO, HO, HO... no wait, that's not the Jolly Green Giant, its a PMS-y grim reaper of death! Add a Comment 20 4.60 -
20 Amy M My application photo to "Be Part of Children of the Corn." Add a Comment 19 4.53 -
21 Joel Death takes up gardening Add a Comment View Comments (1) 19 4.53 -
22 William No, I said I need a Hoe! Add a Comment 19 4.47 -
23 Doug I call it my "Don't F#$@ with me!" Stick...I don't leave home without it. Add a Comment 20 4.45 -
24 Michael Gardening can be fun... if you have the right equiptment. Add a Comment 19 4.42 -
25 Karin Michelle is thinking about what to do to the Goat after he once again tried to eat her pigtails! Add a Comment 19 4.42 -
26 Brian I call it: "American Gothic strikes back" Add a Comment View Comments (3) 19 4.32 -
27 Michael Why do girls in a garden look so sexy?! Oh wait...aaah I take that back. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 19 4.26 -
28 Casey This picture OBIVOUSLY didn't get published in Martha Stewarts book "Gardening 101." Add a Comment 19 4.26 -
29 Michael hmmm, An Idea for next halloween... because let's be honest, this pic is scary. Add a Comment 19 4.11 -
30 Jonathan Why so grim? Add a Comment 20 4.00 -
31 William This is my new boyfriend "Freddy" Add a Comment 19 4.00 -
32 Brent Lane Pollock in the hit movie of the fall, The GrimShawShank redemption. Add a Comment 19 4.00 -
33 Casey Peter Rabbit finally met the evil dreaded Mrs. Mcgregor!! Add a Comment 19 4.00 -
34 Karin Lane took the picture and this is the explanation why he is now no where to be found... - and people just thought she was doing yard work! Add a Comment 19 3.95 -
35 Julie H At this moment Michelle realizes that her fascination with Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper" has become an obsession. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 19 3.74 -
36 Doug Local second amendment activist, and card carrying NRA member, Michelle, shows off her new acquisition from the gun show... Add a Comment 20 3.65 -
37 Cray We're in Cedar City so let's play. Add a Comment 19 3.58 -
38 Karin Once again Michelle had been a bad girl and got send to do yard work as a punishment... "I hated yard work as a little girl - and I still do!" Add a Comment 19 3.53 -
39 Karin Michelle is the grim reaper??? Add a Comment View Comments (6) 19 3.32 -