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November 21-27, 2005
Week 7 of 13 | Contest 3

Photo Info: Amy Esplin took this shot of me and Mike in the Phoenix area IKEA last week after we attended Shelley's funeral.

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Mike Kniephof

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Mike K What typically happens to guys after more than 45 minutes of shopping. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 15 5.87 -
2 Mike K Day 2
Subject: Lane Pollock
Substance: Diet Dew
Method: Cold Turkey Add a Comment View Comments (1)
15 5.80 -
3 Brian Wow, mike. a massage chair AND a heat lamp?! this is the best valentines day EVER! Add a Comment 15 5.73 -
4 Jeff T Two associates gladly demonstrate the IKEA build-it-yourself CIA torture chair and lamp. Add a Comment 15 5.53 -
5 Lane "Well, would you look at that. You're still feeling pain in that right molar because I put a filling in the LEFT one. Oh man, I kill myself sometimes..." Add a Comment 15 5.53 -
6 Michelle "You're right, Lane! You DO have a really nice uvula!" Add a Comment 15 5.47 -
7 Jonathan Mike and Lane inspect the results of their newly purchased nose-hair trimmer, a product most friends don't share. Add a Comment 16 5.38 -
8 Lane Mike: "Hey Lane, let's play doctor."
Lane: "I can't BELIEVE you just asked me that...everyone knows dentist is way funner, let's go!"
Mike: "Yeah!" Add a Comment
15 5.33 -
9 Mike K Amy tries to take the picture: "C'mon guys, just act NORMAL!"
Mike and Lane exchange innocent glances: "Uhh, we ARE!" Add a Comment
15 5.20 -
10 Jeff T Lacking any real war scars, Lane resorts to impressing others with scars from his tonsil removal 25 years ago. Add a Comment 15 5.13 -
11 Cray To mike, a double chin at 31 is a laughing matter. Add a Comment 15 5.13 -
12 Lane New, exclusively at IKEA: The Exorcism Lamp. Simply point lamp at possessed individual's face and flip switch. It's loads of fun for the whole family! Add a Comment 15 5.07 -
13 Brian Lane: "shiny!"
Mike: "yes, lane. you like shiny things don't you?" Add a Comment
15 5.00 -
14 Cray Next time you go to a funeral, mike, don't over dress. Add a Comment 15 5.00 -
15 Ryan Next, on America's Funniest Security Videos... Add a Comment 16 4.75 -
16 Amy E Metrosexual shopping at it's best . . . . gotta love the European touch. Add a Comment 15 4.60 -
17 Amy E Cabela's, who needs Cabela's. This Ikea place is pretty dang cool. Just look at this baby, 184 watts of pure lighting power. Heck it even looks cool with its ultra sleek silver design. With the right adapter and Lane's Xterra we could light up any campsite. Add a Comment 15 4.53 -
18 Jeff T Nate - "And THIS is what you get for allowing the words twitternated to appear on your website"
Lane - "aaaaaahhhh! It's not my fault (aaarrgh!), I couldn't help it! It was AMY! Please MAKE IT STOP!" Add a Comment
15 4.47 -
19 David Mike looks like he derives too much joy from Lane's discomfiture. Add a Comment 16 4.44 -
20 Lane "I don't know what happened...he called and was rambling on about a little girl coming out of his TV...? All I know is that's gotta be the goofiest face ever!" Add a Comment 15 4.40 -
21 Mike K Mike documents Lane's first trip to a topless show on their way through Vegas. Add a Comment 15 4.33 -
22 Nate After sleeping at the Holiday Inn Mike is ready to give Lane a root canal. Add a Comment 15 4.27 -
23 Casey Mike: "Lane, those crest white strips really do work!" Add a Comment 15 4.20 -
24 Amy M "I thought you said you were looking for the negative effects of Yellow No. 5." Add a Comment 15 4.13 -
25 David Just stare into the light, now imagine that you are melting....... Add a Comment 16 4.12 -
26 Michael These two grieve in different ways. Lane yells sobs, and Mike tries to hide it the best he can. Add a Comment 15 4.07 -
27 Michael Lane: No No not the super make-em-crazy torture light! No No anything but that... Aaaaaaaaaaa!

Mike: TeeHee TeeHee..... --Evil Laugh-- Add a Comment View Comments (8)
15 4.00 -
28 Amy E Next, its stirrups time! Giddiup! Add a Comment 15 3.87 -
29 Cray What do you expect from a $100 chair red tagged down to $69. Add a Comment 15 3.80 -
30 Joel Mike: "It's alive, it's alive" Add a Comment 15 3.73 -
31 Karin "Not the truth-light!!! No! No! Must... tell... the... truth..." Add a Comment 15 3.73 -
32 Karin Who said that funerals have to make you sad? They can just make you... weird!!!! Add a Comment 15 3.67 -
33 Karin Lane got jealous that Michelle had once again been the star of POTW, and decided that he wanted his 15 minutes of fame too... Add a Comment 15 3.47 -
34 Michael Wake up Lane. Wake uuuup. Add a Comment 15 3.40 -
35 Amy E There is no way I gave you gonorrhea, I only have an itch! Add a Comment 15 3.20 -
36 Jeff T "I tell you Nate, I DO have the biggest tonsils". Add a Comment View Comments (1) 15 3.07 -
37 Ryan Must. . . not. . . make. . . insensitive. . . joke. . . Add a Comment View Comments (6) 16 3.06 -
38 William No more turkey!!! Add a Comment 15 3.00 -