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December 5-11, 2005
Week 9 of 13 | Contest 3

Photo Info: Seasons Greeting from everyone here at POTW (me). :) I figured we'd kick off the holiday season right with a classic picture of that Christmas icon, ol' St. Nick himself.

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
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Brian Harker

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Brian SH, SH, SH, stop. now listen carefully. you did NOT see mommy kissing Santa Claus, ok? Add a Comment View Comments» (5) 22 6.32 -
2 David Behold, the poster children for birth control! Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 22 6.00 -
3 Michael "The favorite thing about my job is the chance to make children happy." -St. Nick Add a Comment 22 5.64 -
4 Amy M Don't worry kids. Rudolph tasted great and we'll get a new one. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 22 5.41 -
5 Brent Santa just whispered "Tommy, Jane, I am your father." Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 22 5.41 -
6 Brent These two young Cougar fans react at seeing a man dressed all up in red and white. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 22 5.32 -
7 Michael Ebenezer Scrooge's childhood memories. Add a Comment 22 5.27 -
8 Mike K Santa (Bob Williams) curses the day his wife demanded new counter tops and told him to find a way to earn some extra cash. Add a Comment 22 5.23 -
9 Brian Santa:NO! Stop crying! I said Xbox! not smallpox! Add a Comment 22 5.18 -
10 Danene Is that a green plush chair Santa's sitting on...or a THRONE OF LIES?!? Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 22 5.09 -
11 Steve sigh, Christmas just isn't the same without kids. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 23 5.09 -
12 Kylie It used to be fun when their parents said that Santa looked a lot like grandpa...but grandpa died two weeks ago. So why is he in the mall?!?! Add a Comment 22 5.05 -
13 Kylie The application had said Santa's little the moment, old George wonders if it had actually said "Satan's little helper." Add a Comment 22 4.95 -
14 Danene Santa realizes with sudden alarm that he should have purchased the name-brand absorbent protection for his mild incontinence. Add a Comment 22 4.95 -
15 Brent These two kids express their disappointment. You see, they thought they were going to see Dumbledore. Add a Comment 22 4.91 -
16 Mike K Santa's the only one who doesn't see the tarantula on her head. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 22 4.77 -
17 Kylie What's weird is that all three of them are wearing diapers...and all three of them need to be CHANGED!! Add a Comment 22 4.77 -
18 Mike K I'd be wailing, too, if my mom dressed me in dorky clothes and handed me over to some stranger! Add a Comment 22 4.73 -
19 David "You kids are going to have a fun Christmas wether you like it or not, now sit on Santa's lap and smile for mommy, Damn'it!" Add a Comment 22 4.68 -
20 Brian ugh! I need another eggnog... extra rum. Add a Comment View Comments» (7) 22 4.68 -
21 Mike K I think these internet savvy kids recognize this guy from the sex offender website they recently checked out. Add a Comment 22 4.68 -
22 William More eggnog for the kids! Add a Comment 22 4.59 -
23 Amy E Come on Lolla, cry louder and starts the tears going, trust me it works every time, the sympathy votes means more presents. MUUUHHHHAAA Add a Comment 22 4.50 -
24 Leslie "Okay kids, time to go home. Say goodbye to Santa"

22 4.50 -
25 Ryan Cindy and Lindy-loo Who actually preferred the Grinch. Add a Comment 22 4.50 -
26 Michelle "WE WANT PROZAC FOR CHRISTMAS!!!" Add a Comment 22 4.45 -
27 David I think all children are afraid of men with Michel Jackson gloves. Add a Comment 22 4.36 -
28 Ryan Yes, Virginia...there is a Santa Claus--and he's bloody scary. Add a Comment 22 4.36 -
29 William Amber Alert! Add a Comment 22 4.32 -
30 Joel Due to Joel and Brent's failure to pay rent Lane had to find a side job this Christmas. Add a Comment 22 4.32 -
31 Danene Don’t cry, children—the abominable snowman from “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” frightens Santa Claus, too. But wouldn’t you agree that the song sung by that mustachioed snowman is a catchy little ditty? Add a Comment 22 4.27 -
32 Amy M Somebody get this guy a breath mint, it's horrible, smells of rotten eggs and cheese. Add a Comment 22 4.18 -
33 Amy M Keep screaming like that and I'll drop you from my sleigh. Add a Comment 22 4.18 -
34 Nate Mom!! Santa is saying that Teletubbies are just people in costumes. Add a Comment 22 4.18 -
35 Brent "Shut up kids, or I'm bringing you a tack toilet seat for Christmas." Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 22 4.18 -
36 Michael Santa: "Yeah, I have that effect on Children." Add a Comment 22 4.14 -
37 Kylie Check out the guy in the background. Wife beater and shoulder straps? I think it's safe to say the only ones who know what's really going on are the children... Add a Comment 22 4.09 -
38 Amy M Because you kids have been so bad this year, with your screaming, temper tantrums and whining, I am getting you a divorce of your parents. Add a Comment 22 3.91 -
39 Karin Mommy, mommy!!! He says we haven't been good and that he won't bring us presents!!! Add a Comment 22 3.86 -
40 Nate And then somebody farted. Or maybe somebody just did. Add a Comment View Comments» (8) 22 3.27 -
41 Nate STOP TOUCHING ME THERE FAT MAN!!!! Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 22 3.09 -