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December 12-18, 2005
Week 10 of 13 | Contest 3

Photo Info: These are POTW members Julie H and William (first time on the chopping block for both I believe). Not sure what's going on, but I'm assuming it's somewhere in Cedar City.

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Kylie Comfoltey

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Kylie Every kiss begins with keys Add a Comment View Comments» (9) 18 5.67 -
2 Amy E Julie - "Oh Honey, for me, you really shouldn't have, all I really wanted for Christmas was your love and devotion."
William - "I know dear, but I saw the wood panels on the 1964 Wagoneer and thought of you." Add a Comment View Comments» (1)
18 5.56 -
3 Casey Three beers later and even William looks hot! Add a Comment View Comments» (5) 18 5.44 -
4 Ryan Thrown off-balance by Julie's grab at the keys and already a bit tipsy, William doesn't see the floor coming until it's too late... Add a Comment 18 5.44 -
5 Brian Get a guy drunk and the fun is endless! Here are some ideas:
1.Make him buy you some new clothes
2.Take his car
3.Dye his beard red
4.Be creative! Add a Comment
18 5.44 -
6 Nate Unfortunately for William this is the typical response he gets when asking someone out. Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 18 5.11 -
7 Danene At the announcement of the annual Bard look-alike contest, William grabs the car keys eager to retrieve his puffy shirt and ruffly collar knowing this year he WILL emerge victorious. Add a Comment View Comments» (7) 18 5.06 -
8 Kylie "I'm fresh out of cash, but I'll put down the keys to dad's new Benz!" says Julie with her best poker face. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 18 5.06 -
9 Michael At the feel of his sweet touch, she fills with joy... Add a Comment 18 4.83 -
10 Lane Never one to back down from a bet, William reluctantly hands over his car keys in defeat after only finishing half the glass of motor oil... Add a Comment 18 4.67 -
11 Leslie For the first and last time that precious night, William gently reminds Julie of his baby soft skin. Next, he carefully explains that losing the hair on his legs is only natural. Finally he lovingly assures her that he had a full beard since age 11.
in the quiet of the night or in a local bar... this brief romantic interlude wins her over everytime.... Add a Comment
18 4.61 -
12 Michael William: "Hey baby... You wanna stroke my beard."

Julie: "Oh yes William--YES!" Add a Comment View Comments» (1)
18 4.56 -
13 Lane "Julie! Tell us what it says already!"

"It says 'Hi, I am an AA member. If you find me in a drunken stupor
please call 1-800-ISCRWDUP'." Add a Comment
18 4.50 -
14 Lane "Julie, you always ace the tests and I never see you do you do it?"
"Simple. I get my professors drunk and then steal the keys to the desk drawer where they keep the answers..."
"Haha, good one." Add a Comment
18 4.39 -
15 Lane Julie and William make the fatal error of not deciding who will be the designated driver BEFOREHAND:
Julie: "Blue diamonds and purple horseshoes! Hee hee! You look terrible, William, looks like I'll be driving..."
William: (hiccup) "I'm fine, I'm fine, give me the keys..."
Add a Comment
18 4.33 -
16 William "William look, there’s the bishop!
Haha....I got the keys" Add a Comment
18 4.17 -
17 David Hey baby, wanna come up to my room tonight? Julie seems pretty pleased to take William's room keys. If she only knew that his facial hair was drawn on with a red marker..... Add a Comment 18 4.11 -
18 Kylie You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent
Add a Comment
18 3.78 -
19 Ryan Merl's Key Fobs: It's the high life...
Isn't she worth a Merl's? Add a Comment
18 3.72 -
20 Jessi It's the snack the smiles back--until you bite their heads off Add a Comment 18 3.61 -
21 David Julie: You know that you can trust me with your car keys, I've only been smoking pot.
William: Well, pot is safer than the booze that I've been downing. Add a Comment
18 3.50 -
22 William Julie: Please let me just gaze into your D. W. Eyes. Add a Comment 18 3.44 -
23 William Come on William...time to do the State Street hike. Add a Comment 18 3.33 -
24 Michael William says "Here baby, take a shot of this."

Julie "Don't ming is I do" Add a Comment View Comments» (8)
18 3.11 -
25 Kylie WillYaWon'tYaAin'tYaGonnaAhComeOnYa- SaidYaWouldaWhat'sTheMattaWon'tYaMamaLetYa? Add a Comment 18 2.50 -