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December 26, 2005-January 1, 2006
Week 12 of 13 | Contest 3

Photo Info: This photo is courtesy of Logan. This was just last Wed. night sledding up Fairview Canyon. We underestimated the infamous Jet Sled XL's (aka Tub-o-Death) mobility across crusty snow and the result is Jordan has some unanticipated bonus sledding action across the asphalt. :)

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane "I don't know man, the road's kinda close and this is pretty steep."
"Relax dude, there's no WAY it could make it that far..." Add a Comment View Comments» (2)
19 6.16 -
2 Brian Redneck winter games presents "the idiotrod": sled dog racing, but with pickup trucks!
"Hit it Earl!" Add a Comment
19 5.79 -
3 Jordan H Jordan- hey Lane, can I borrow your sled?
Lane- yeah, just try to stay off the pavement.
Jordan- ok, no problem Add a Comment
19 5.74 -
4 Lane Eyes watering and with a slight grimace, Jordan finds out the hard way that using your fingers to brake is not nearly as effective on asphalt. Add a Comment 19 5.68 -
5 Michael It is amazing what we can talk Jordan into when the ladies are around..."Do it Jordy, it will totally impress her... yeah for sure... She will want you... Now get in and we'll..." Add a Comment View Comments» (8) 19 5.63 -
6 Lane Not even global warming could keep Jordan from his favorite activity. Add a Comment 19 5.58 -
7 Kylie Asphalt: the "new snow" this season Add a Comment 19 5.47 -
8 Jessi Someone should teach these city kids how to sled... Add a Comment 19 5.26 -
9 Ryan Jordan steadies his headlamp, prepared to play chicken with the next turkey who dares drive on HIS landing strip. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 5.26 -
10 Kylie Even though all the snow has melted from the heat wave, Jordan decided he's paid his money for his sled; he will not be screwed... Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 19 5.11 -
11 David Ruba-dub-dub one man in a tub? Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 19 5.11 -
12 David Not to be out done by Mike's crazy antics, Jordan prepares to leave the starting line backwards. Add a Comment 19 4.84 -
13 William "Now if Lane could only get in touch with his inner reindeer powers….we would be flying." Add a Comment 19 4.79 -
14 Michael Send in your Jet Sled action shot and win one-million dollars. Here is last years winner. Add a Comment 19 4.68 -
15 Karin If you really have a death wish and want to kill yourself, then you should do it in a fun way... Sledding across the road is one way to do it... Add a Comment 19 4.63 -
16 David Practicing his paddling action, Jordan prepares to take his little boat out on the white water. Add a Comment 19 4.53 -
17 Ryan Jordan's photo finish victory in the asphalt sled paddle was always a hit with the ladies. Add a Comment 19 4.47 -
18 Kylie An action shot of the 2005 "Twit of the Year" gold medalist! Jordan beat all of the other contestants in the ultimate sledding competition by taking this brilliant shortcut across the Bangerter Highway.
(Note: the "Twit of the Year" is known to Americans only as a more special "Special Olympics".) Add a Comment
19 4.47 -
19 Amy E Jordon - "I guess stealing the engine from the snowmobile wasn't such a good idea after all. Next time we need something a bit more sediate like an Xterra engine." Add a Comment 19 4.26 -
20 Michael Jordan: "How do you stop this thing?!!!!!!!" Add a Comment 19 4.16 -
21 Lane Jordan tries his hand at the latest X-games rage: Nocturnal Sled Luge! Add a Comment 19 4.05 -
22 Kylie Yes! Of course it is very safe to do this without snow or ice- this is exactly how the Olympians train...No, turn around. Skeleton is head-first. Turn around so I can push you down this road while the...nevermind. Okay! 1 - 2 - 3! Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 3.89 -
23 Jordan H soak it in Jordan...soak it in. Add a Comment 19 3.58 -
24 Michael Evil Conevil is going to try soemthing he has never tried before. Just on the other side of the rode is a monster cliff that falls 3000 ft. Add a Comment View Comments» (6) 19 3.47 -
25 Karin Jordan, has no one ever told you that stealing your younger brother's sled is wrong? You know you're to old for that anyway... Add a Comment 19 3.32 -
26 Nate Hey Jordan. Nice headlamp. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 3.05 -