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January 9-15, 2006
Week 1 of 13 | Contest 4

Photo Info: This photo courtesy of Morgan. This is Mike somewhere on the tubing hill up Fairview Canyon, mid-hill action shot.

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Julie Harker

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Julie H At first Mike just used the cooking spray to make his tube go faster...but the bloodshot eyes, and volatile temper tell another story Add a Comment View Comments (4) 20 5.60 -
2 Jordan H Mike politely declines Lane's offer to ride "brokeback." Add a Comment View Comments (8) 20 5.40 -
3 Lane "Mike, quick! What's 2+3?" Add a Comment 20 5.30 -
4 Lane "Mike, what you doin'? That way leads to a sheer dro..."
"Hey, HEY! Talk to the hand, brother, THIS cowboy tubes where ever he pleases..." Add a Comment
20 5.30 -
5 Lane "I can't believe Jordan is stupid enough to sled in the street.", Mike thought, just before the train hit him. Add a Comment 20 5.15 -
6 Kylie We all thought it was cool what Mike was doing, until we realized he was headed straight for a cliff. Then we all said, "Bye, Mikey!" because really--what else could we do? Plus, he looked happy from where we were standing... Add a Comment 20 5.15 -
7 Lane And in other news...a camera was found in Fairview Canyon. Shown here is the only photo that was salvageable. Expert analysis of the subject's mouth reveals an 88% likelihood that the word he is screaming is: "YETI". Add a Comment View Comments (3) 20 4.95 -
8 Logan Mike politely declines Lane's SECOND offer to ride "brokeback." Add a Comment View Comments (2) 20 4.90 -
9 Brent And Kniephof breaks free! One of the best tube football players, Kniephof is at it again. But wait, looks like Pollock will catch up to him and bring him down at the... HOLY COW! what a staight-arm. Kniephof is at the 30, 20, 10, Touchdown! What a move to break that tackle. Lets see it again on Pollock's helmet cam. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 20 4.90 -
10 Nate Lane: How many teeth do you have left?
Mike: FIVE!!! Add a Comment
20 4.80 -
11 Logan Some people call me the Tube Cowboy, some call me the Gangster of Love. Add a Comment 20 4.75 -
12 Michael Beforehand Lane: "OK Mikie, The sign that you want to stop is an open hand. Just show us the hand if you want to stop."
During Lane: "What did the open hand mean again?" Add a Comment
20 4.70 -
13 Cray Mikey didn't entirely realize what membership in the k2 downhill club entailed. Add a Comment 20 4.65 -
14 Brent Where did you say I get get a tube, Mike? Someplace like Big 3 or Big 4 Sporting Goods, wasn't it? Add a Comment 20 4.65 -
15 Jonathan Mike, paralyzed by fear, still reaches for his mother's hand after she let him go at the top of the kids hill, known to natives as "bunny's revenge". Add a Comment 20 4.60 -
16 Michael Mikie never likes his photo taken. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't really do much about it this time. Add a Comment 20 4.55 -
17 Brent Unfortunately, Mike overestimated the gripping power of his glove and he couldn't hold on to the volleyball. He was last heard saying, "Wilson, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Wilson! I can't! WILSON! Wiiiiiillllllllsssssooooooonnn!" Add a Comment 20 4.50 -
18 Cray I'll give you five if, and only if, you reach the bottom alive. Add a Comment 20 4.45 -
19 Logan Mikes exuberance was short lived. Shortly after this photo was taken he flew off the tube and hit his chest square on a log. (Thats what you get for going down the hill with your headlamp on strobe.) Add a Comment 20 4.40 -
20 Casey Mike: "Lane, that is the five times that you have wussed out on the jump!" Add a Comment 20 4.40 -
21 Michael Anouncer 1: "Welcome to the international tubing competition. First up is Mike K.. He is a new comer this year but has shown lots of skill."
Anouncer 2: "Yes he has Bob. Let's see how he does here though. This has got to be the toughest run he has ever done." Add a Comment View Comments (3)
20 4.25 -
22 Kylie Yes. The abominable snowman DOES exist. And so did Mike K. But the tube was fine, so we just kept sledding cause the snow was freakin' powder! Add a Comment 20 4.25 -
23 Casey Lane: "Mike go that way, really fast! If something gets in your way, turn!
Add a Comment
20 3.95 -
24 Cray The tube is red, white and blue so he must be an american, but the face sure looks like a suni-kurd cross. Add a Comment 20 3.80 -
25 William Stop! in the name of love Before you break my heart.... Add a Comment 20 3.75 -
26 Michael I don't know what possesed him. He just jumped on and went down the backside on his stomach. Add a Comment 20 3.70 -
27 Brent A deleted scene from Empire Strikes Back. The ice beast attacks Luke while he's tubing around on Hoth. Later they were able to resign Mark Hamill and they decided that a Tantan works better than a tube. Add a Comment 20 3.55 -
28 Kylie Never let go, Jack. Never let go! Add a Comment 20 3.30 -
29 William Mike still loves that Titanic movie... Add a Comment 20 3.20 -
30 Logan "If my friends could see me now!!!" Add a Comment 20 3.15 -