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January 16-22, 2006
Week 2 of 13 | Contest 4

Photo Info: This is a photo Mike uploaded of his coworker, Darin, who got married recently (sort of), and his wife (don't know her name, Mike can help with details).

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Julie Harker

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Julie H As a new wife she tried to act amused...but she new she had made a mistake when Darin "psyched out" everyone who tried to shake his hand. Add a Comment View Comments» (5) 21 7.38 -
2 Michelle After the ceremony, Darin and his new bride simultaneously think, "We're going to be married FOREVER!" Add a Comment 21 5.62 -
3 William Him “If this hairpiece can just make it through the honeymoon…. I’ll be scot-free!” Her “Oh…it’s my weeding day…hehe.” Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 21 4.90 -
4 Lane Desperate, single LDS women discover Rohypnol...
"Oh man, my head. What's going on here?"
"He does, he does! Now say it! Man and WIFE. SAY IT!" Add a Comment
21 4.76 -
5 Kylie Darin's subtle salute signifies an emotional goodbye to his blissful youth. But somewhere, deep inside the crevices of his mind, he will forever remain captain of his man-ship; liberated and free; unfettered, untied; sailing through life, an extraordinary hero of Singleton; lively, brisk, world-renowned; holder of the victor's crown... Add a Comment 21 4.71 -
6 Ryan So... will you dance the robot with me at our reception tonight?
Oh, Darin! I'd LOVE to, but are you sure we want to do that in front of our parents? Add a Comment
21 4.62 -
7 Lane "Why yes, they ARE real pearls. Only the best for me, right Darin? Oh, you want to take a closer look? No problem..." Add a Comment 21 4.57 -
8 Brian Darin: what the hell!? Mike is streaking at my wedding! just don't look, it'll only encourage him.
Wife: oh, goodness. is it hot in here? Add a Comment
21 4.52 -
9 William Him “Why did I let Lane plan my bachelor party…too many board games...and I shouldn’t have done that last liter of Mt. Dew.” Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 21 4.52 -
10 Leslie They kept their identities...even from each other.
Twentieth Century Fox presents:
When Mormon love gets lethal.

(forgive me)
Add a Comment View Comments» (3)
21 4.52 -
11 David Donelle: This is just the most wonderful day of my life. It is a dream come true. We are going to have a beautiful family with lots of kids ......

Darin: Dang, I need to check the front right tire on the car. I know that it was acting kind of funny driving up here. By the way, where did I put my tire gage? Add a Comment
22 4.50 -
12 Amy M "Think, think Darin. Now that I am actually married, how did dad explain to do it again?" Add a Comment 21 4.48 -
13 Brian OH... NO! we forgot to start birth control! that takes like a month to start working right!? I cant wait that long! noooooo! Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 21 4.43 -
14 Nate As Darin's brother drops his pants Darin is embarassed and his new wife, impressed with what she sees, hopes some things run in the family. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 21 4.38 -
15 Jonathan What happens in Vegas stays... in...Uh oh...Where am I? Add a Comment 21 4.38 -
16 Danene Yet another victim of Lane’s still unpublished book entitled "Why I'm Not Married." Add a Comment 21 4.38 -
17 Ryan thinking... Oh no, I forgot to reserve a hotel room! Now what am I going to do? Think, dammit, think! Add a Comment 21 4.33 -
18 Kylie him:Of course I know! It's been at LEAST 3 and a half...weeks...of...knowing each other......Okay, you know how sometimes, even though you REALLY know something, you just can't seem to pick it out of your brain and make a word of it? You know? Hang on...her name is........ Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 21 4.24 -
19 Leslie HER:
well, my heck, that is what attracted me to him in the first place!! of course, mr. gates has a lot more money....but darin is moving up to event coordinator at Add a Comment
21 4.24 -
20 Leslie HIM:
i didn't think she would actually bleach her hair blonde for our wedding day. damn you lohan! Add a Comment
21 4.14 -
21 Jonathan Tonight I put my first jelly bean into the jar, maybe even two. Add a Comment View Comments» (5) 21 4.05 -
22 Darin Darin: Did he say eternity?
Donelle: I can't believe he said yes. Add a Comment
21 4.00 -
23 David Donelle: This is the most glorious day of my life. It is everything I knew it would be.

Darin: I have to give up what? Add a Comment
22 4.00 -
24 Nate Him: I think I had way too much to drink. And where did I get this tux?
Her: Whose wedding is this? Where did I get this ring? Burp!!! Oh, Excuse me! Add a Comment
21 3.95 -
25 David Her: Eternity, yessss.........

Him: Eternity? Damn, I think I'm in over my head!!! Add a Comment
22 3.91 -
26 Lane Welcome back to Classic "Oh @#%$!" Moments:
Priest: "And now we will have the exchanging of wedding vows."
Her: "I've waited my whole LIFE for this moment..." Add a Comment
21 3.71 -
27 William Him “I just remembered….I’m already married!” Her "I can't wait to watch Sex in the City tonight!" Add a Comment 21 3.67 -
28 Kylie bride: Oh, you're Mike's parents! It's so nice to FINALLY meet you! And here of all places!
groom: Damnit! I KNEW I forgot to do SOMETHING...I just hope the punch in the nuts I just experienced won't hinder tonight's curriculum... Add a Comment
21 3.52 -
29 Logan Her "No, no, everything is fine, its just I dont think Ive ever seen one of those before." Him "Ok, could you put it away, its making me feel a bit uncomfortable." Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 21 3.38 -