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February 13-19, 2006
Week 6 of 13 | Contest 4

Photo Info: It's Valentine's Day, yay! Phhhbt!

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Chris N

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Chris N And when the rains had stopped, Noah released a dude in a red sweatshirt...And when that dude returned carrying a box of chocolate, they knew the flood was over and gave thanks. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 24 6.00 -
2 Chris N Although Swamp Thing was on the "Do Not Contact" list, Phil continued to hometeach him, and this month he brought something extra special. Add a Comment 24 5.42 -
3 Michelle I had the weirdest dream last night: I was throwing pebbles into this river, and the next thing I know, Joey Buttafuoco shows up with a Whitman's sampler and tells me I'm forever his girl... Add a Comment 24 5.17 -
4 Allison But does Nessy return his love? Add a Comment 24 5.17 -
5 Chris N Nine months after this photograph was taken there were several sightings of creatures that were reportedly "half-human, half-carp" Add a Comment 24 5.12 -
6 Chris N What’s the opposite of “skinny” dipping? Add a Comment 24 5.08 -
7 Lane "Yeah, ol' Jimbob ain't the sharpest tool...but he's got a big heart." Add a Comment 24 5.04 -
8 Brian Todd the duckhunter applies his skills to the dating world, by setting up his decoy, and preparing the perfect mating call. Add a Comment 24 5.04 -
9 Cray I'll always love you come hell or high water.
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24 4.88 -
10 Michael New Sweater $30, Chocalates $20, Standing in a lake begging for her love... Priceless. Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 24 4.83 -
11 Michelle "Chocolates? That's it? Honey, it's called 'looting' for a reason. You're supposed to steal GOOD stuff." Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 24 4.83 -
12 Nate Chapter 2: How to give mixed signals in a relationship Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 24 4.83 -
13 Brian he LOOKS really commited, but in reality he's got cold feet. Add a Comment 24 4.79 -
14 Lane Bob gets his bizarre, recurring dream interpreted..."Your insistence on wearing your heart on your sleeve is drowning potential relationships. And the sweatshirt isn't helping either." Add a Comment 24 4.75 -
15 Lane Is the satellite uplink ready? Oh, there it goes...Um, hello honey. Listen, and the boys we decided to extend the trip a couple days. Yeah so I'm not gonna be home for Valentine's. But I love you. I do. See look at this heart I'm holding here. Okay...bye now. Don't do anything crazy... Add a Comment 24 4.67 -
16 Michael What guys will do for the girls they are in love with. This is an example of what an evil girl might do to exploit her power. Poor, poor guy. Add a Comment 24 4.58 -
17 Lane "Our love is a flame, burning hotter and hotter. But it's charring my feet, so I'm standing in water." Add a Comment 24 4.54 -
18 Brent "WHITE chocolate?!? I thought you said WET chocolate." Add a Comment 24 4.50 -
19 Cray With his heart in hand he felt as if he could walk on water. Add a Comment 24 4.42 -
20 Michael "I really can't tell if he likes me." Add a Comment 24 4.25 -
21 Jonathan "The guys at work said it would be romantic to bring you down to the lake on Valentines day and watch the submarine races. Are you coming in? You can't see them from the shore baby." Add a Comment 24 4.25 -
22 Steve Dear Sweetheart, I love you more than anything, well except fishing. So see you on Wednesday when I get back from the fishing trip, lovingly Gomer XOXOX Add a Comment 25 4.24 -
23 Brent He was in it up to his ears, then he bought the chocolate... Add a Comment 24 4.21 -
24 Joel Don't worry ladies, there's more than one fish in the sea. Add a Comment 24 4.12 -
25 Brent I would do anything for love, but I won't do that! Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 24 4.08 -
26 Samela I've always loved the 'Lady-in-the-Lake' and this year I'm going to show her how much! Add a Comment 24 4.04 -
27 Nate Baby, I love you. And I am standing in a lake. Add a Comment 24 4.00 -
28 Cray After three hours in the cold water Im thinking maybe Lane wasn't talking about fish when he said, "this is how you hook em". Add a Comment 24 3.96 -
29 Leslie he's in way too deep. Add a Comment 24 3.96 -
30 Danene The redneck version of Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory. Add a Comment 25 3.92 -
31 William Baby, my love is wading for you! Add a Comment 24 3.92 -
32 Brian Cletus spots something in the duck pond at the local park while on a romantic walk with his wife:
"Hey sweetie! look! I dont mind all the duck crap. I'd pull a box of chocolates out of the sewer for you if I had the chance." Add a Comment
24 3.92 -
33 Brian moisture is the essence of wetness... and wetness is the essence of beauty. Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 24 3.58 -
34 David Yee ha, I'm ready to pledge my heart to the alien. Add a Comment 24 3.46 -
35 Michael This guy loves fishing way too much. Add a Comment 24 3.42 -
36 David "... like the river flows, surely to the sea, darling so it goes, something are meant to be - ee.... " Add a Comment 24 3.33 -
37 Brent This guy’s girlfriend didn’t give him the reaction he was looking for. Instead she exclaims “Wedding! I said I want a romantic WEEEDDDING!” Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 24 3.25 -
38 Nate This is not any better than the tac-toilet seat you gave her last year. Add a Comment 24 3.08 -