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April 3-9, 2006
Week 13 of 13 | Contest 4

Photo Info: This is an upload that I recognize from a series of pictures that have circulated the net entitled "Why Women Live Longer Than Men". :) Happy Birthday POTW3 (one year this week)!

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
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Jonathan Young

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jonathan Day 1 of New Dad Training -- How to change a diaper. Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 23 6.00 -
2 Julie H Chuck swore that living on an EPA superfund site didn't do any permanent damage...but his man boobs and crooked smile tell another story. Add a Comment 23 5.83 -
3 Jason Example #122 Why Senior Citizens shouldn't have driver licenses: Leroy accidentally drops the keys to his 45' Class A motorhome down the RV dump at the local campground. Add a Comment 23 5.74 -
4 William "Mildred relax and take the picture...It's just Anthrax" Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 23 5.57 -
5 Julie H Florida's senior citizen recovery unit felt prepared to catch Wally and bring him back to the nursing home...but the team underestimated the mind numbing power of Wally's stories about the war. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 23 5.52 -
6 Jonathan Bubble kids on a nature hike. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 23 5.09 -
7 Chris N The human version of the canary in the mine. Add a Comment View Comments» (9) 24 5.00 -
8 Mike K After decades of research, Dr. Jones finally made his first journey using his teleporting machine. Unfortunately, it was also his last journey as his calculations were way off and he ended up at a flesh-eating bacteria research facility. Add a Comment 23 5.00 -
9 Ryan Norman spares no expense protecting his marijuana harvesters from Florida's harsh UV rays. Add a Comment 23 4.96 -
10 Brent Hey, Martha, quick take a picture of this. When I stand close to the toxic waste, my shirt starts glowing! Add a Comment 23 4.91 -
11 Jason Due to the ridiuclous amount of lawsuits these days, Marvin takes all possible precautions when guests are on his property, including family picnics. Add a Comment 23 4.78 -
12 Jason Due to recent problems, the Catholic Church now requires a strict dress code for all alter boys - much to Father Flanegan's displeasure........ Add a Comment View Comments» (10) 23 4.78 -
13 David Guy in Pink: I think these girls are over-reacting, it is just a dead mouse! Add a Comment 23 4.70 -
14 Jonathan The PGA comes to Geneva Steel Fairways. Add a Comment 23 4.61 -
15 Mike K Lane Pollock in I SURVIVED!

(Read as a movie trailer)

The year is 2037. Chemical warfare spans the globe. Decades of imbibing the harsh ingredients in Diet Mountain Dew (yellow #5, aspartame, and brominated vegetable oil) harden a young man and make him immune to the toxins in the air... Add a Comment View Comments» (3)
23 4.61 -
16 David Director for documentary: "Will, someone get the dorky tourist in the pink shirt out of my shot?!" Add a Comment 23 4.52 -
17 Mike K "Hey! Where's MY suit?! Jeesh, I don't get no respect around here!" Add a Comment 23 4.52 -
18 Michael I bet you can't guess which one is from Chernobyl? Add a Comment 23 4.52 -
19 Sara Do you believe these Forest Service guys? All this for a little pile of poop? Add a Comment 24 4.50 -
20 Michael "Four of these kids belong together
Four of these kids are kind of the same
But one of these kids is doing his own thing
Now it's time to play our game." Add a Comment
23 4.48 -
21 Brent "Why are we all in these suits you ask? Naw, nothing like that, we're just landscaping, it's just that our pink-shirted foreman over there has gas like you wouldn't believe." Add a Comment 23 4.39 -
22 Leslie It was a grim day Gilligan and crew discovered Mr. Howell was in cahoots with the "Others" on the island. Add a Comment 23 4.39 -
23 Jason Michael Moore learned the dangers of Live TV when a local wandered into his staged corporate pollution undercover "exposé". "Hey, what are all you people doing in my backyard? Is that a catering truck?"
Add a Comment View Comments» (9)
23 4.35 -
24 Leslie keep lookin' boys. my contact is around here somewhere... Add a Comment 23 4.35 -
25 William Yeah, it's ok...I'm safe...I'm wearing pink. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 23 4.30 -
26 Nate The best part about vacationing in Flint, Michigan. Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 23 4.26 -
27 Michael The company's Halloween party was interrupted when SOMEONE (Boy was Bob embarrassed) clogged the sewers. Luckily the sales group was prepared to fix it.

They weren’t happy at first, but it was all worth it when they won the prize for "Best Group Costume" and an added bonus prize of a $100 for "Most Useful Costume" too.
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23 4.26 -
28 Brent Goerge Mcfly as a senior citizen: "Hey I recognize these guys! They're from Vulcan! Say hello to Darth Vader for me, will ya" Add a Comment 23 4.22 -
29 Ryan The First Scuba Church's regular reverend was on vacation, so they had to find a replacement for their graveside service. Add a Comment 23 4.22 -
30 Chris N "Are anyone else's thighs burning?" Add a Comment 24 4.21 -
31 Nate Chemical reactions can be fun. Add a Comment 23 4.17 -
32 Jonathan What sex-ed classes will look like in the near future. Add a Comment 23 4.13 -
33 dave Yeah my wife teased me about the pink shirt. I've even been harassed for going out of the house in socks and sandalls... but THESE GUYS?!? Who let them out in public? Add a Comment 23 4.13 -
34 Michael Some people are just more paranoid than others. Add a Comment 23 4.09 -
35 Mike K "Doctor, are you sure you'll be safe without a suit? This stuff is highly toxic you know!"
"What? I'm no doctor. But I slept at a Holiday Inn last night!" Add a Comment
23 4.04 -
36 Steve CSI Miami, Thursday 10:37 A:M. Del Boca Vista Phase II retirement Community. "Hey Honny, check out the 'present' Fifi, left. I told you to not to feed the dog chili" Add a Comment 24 4.00 -
37 dave With the cult moving in to the retirement community, Harold could only hope for the surprise arrival of a commet to "take them away" Add a Comment 23 3.96 -
38 dave "Hey Lois, should I tell these idiots that they're no where near the beach?" Add a Comment 23 3.83 -
39 Joel "This is exactly where the genitaliens abducted me." Add a Comment 23 3.78 -
40 dave "No Madge, they're harmless. I just think that this guy in the middle doesn't know how to get to the "Amen"." Add a Comment 23 3.61 -
41 William Safety Starts with You! Add a Comment 23 3.57 -
42 Brent One of us in 35 years: Happy 36th birthday POTW3! Add a Comment 23 3.52 -
43 David Yep! This is where I buried the body down in Aruba. Add a Comment 23 3.26 -
44 William Dude, did we not just spend all weekend talking about addictions and gender issues? Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 23 3.00 -