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April 17-23, 2006
Week 2 of 13 | Contest 5

Photo Info: This is the classic Abinadi/King Noah scene from the BoM. I know not everyone is a fan of the religious paintings, but I like them. :) And it's early so...have at it!

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Michelle Grimshaw

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Michelle Auditions for the Zarahemla Community Theater spring musical were lackluster at best until Abinadi blew everyone away with his rendition of "Bess, You Is My Woman Now." Add a Comment View Comments» (9) 18 5.83 -
2 dave Well, what's your guess? Is it in my right hand or my left? Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 18 5.56 -
3 Michelle Abinadi: Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?
Priests: Bismillah! No, we will not let you go!
Alma: Let him go!
Priests: Bismillah! We will not let you go!
Alma: Let him go! Add a Comment View Comments» (3)
18 5.44 -
4 Brent King Noah: "Is it in this room?" Abinadi: "Yes, that's 18" Alma: "Is it to King Noah's left?" Abinadi: "No, 19" Amulon: "Is it the wine pitcher?" Abinadi "No, but close, it's the fallen goblet. OK, guys that's 3 in a row, you have to let me go now." King Noah: "Best of 7!" Add a Comment 18 5.44 -
5 dave What did you expect?!? The conditions I've been living in, the FOOD you've given me... It was bound to happen and it wasn't going to smell like flowers! Add a Comment 18 5.11 -
6 dave Don't look so skeptical. Honestly, it's just a matter of eating your vegetables and working out three times a week. Maybe I could show you my work out some time. Add a Comment 18 5.11 -
7 dave Noah: The circle is now complete. When I left you I was but the learner. Now I am the master.

Abinidi: Only a master of evil, Noah.

Noah: Your powers are weak old man.

Abinidi: You can't win, Noah. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Add a Comment View Comments» (14)
18 5.06 -
8 Jonathan To get to Abinadi, you go through Lehi, past Nephi, turn west in Moroni, south in Ephraim, and then through Kolob. If you get to Enos, you've gone too far. Add a Comment 18 4.83 -
9 Lane "Thou hast stripped me of my clothes, chained me up, made me thy prisoner, and deprived me of both food and drink. For all this...I thee forgive. But mockest thou my comb over?? THOU HAST CROSSED THE LINE. Prepare ye for the fullness of my wrath!" Add a Comment 18 4.78 -
10 Jonathan Everytime the guards tried to get close to Abinadi, he tooted. Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 18 4.72 -
11 Leslie After WOWing audiences with his epic performance in "King Kong", Jack Black hits the big screen once again as King Noah. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 18 4.67 -
12 Brent Abinadi: "Let my people go!" Alma: "Pssssst. Wrong story!" Abinadi: "Oh yeah, I mean: Touch me not, for God shall smite you..." Add a Comment 18 4.61 -
13 Brent In some bizarre wrinkle in the space/time continuum, Noah meets King Noah. Add a Comment 18 4.56 -
14 Jason Episode # 647 of the television series "Lost". Day # 7,326 on the Island. Hurley has become "King" of the Island. With the "Others" long since defeated, the group of elites living in the hatch have turned on each other.
Sawyer: "Can I PLEASE put a shirt on now? It's been 20 years!" Add a Comment
18 4.33 -
15 Ryan When Abinadi challenged Noah's court about the inferior quality of their beards, there were several reactions: offence, incredulity, and snarls...but the poor beardless guards could only sit in the corner, cowering. Add a Comment 18 4.33 -
16 Jonathan Unbeknown to Mormon scholars, Abinadi was really put to death for making fun of King Noah's green dreadlocks and jester shoes. Add a Comment 18 4.28 -
17 Leslie "Why do you shun the skorts?!?" Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 18 4.28 -
18 Brent King Noah gets pretty angry, throwing down his cup and breaking his sword, after Abinadi calls him "Queen Noah" It was an honest mistake on Abinadi's part, however. He thought maybe it was like the bearded lady or something. Add a Comment 18 4.22 -
19 Jonathan For some reason, the old buff dude failed to show up for the Bowflex infomercial. Add a Comment 18 4.06 -
20 Lane Santa: "Please...your letter asking for a Red Ryder BB Gun must have gotten lost in the mail. How many times do I have to say I'm sorry?? Think about the children!" Add a Comment 18 4.00 -
21 Ryan Abinadi: "It's a home fitness revolution! A self-contained double-dutch belt! Look what fifteen minutes a day did for me!" Add a Comment View Comments» (6) 18 4.00 -
22 Lane Upon being denied a bit of bread and jam, Abinadi gets sweet revenge by utilizing the old prophet's trick of "remote adam's apple crushing". Add a Comment 18 3.94 -
23 Ryan If Darth Vader and Superman got in a fight, Chuck Norris would win. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 18 3.94 -
24 Michael I see now that you aren't one for criticism, but don't you think that burning me at the stake is a little harsh?!? Add a Comment 18 3.83 -
25 Michael Abinadi: "Sorry man... I don't mean to smirk...Its just... that hat er.. crown is so funny looking with the green feathers and all" Add a Comment 18 3.78 -
26 Lane Abinadi: "I have but one last request...rather than being thrown into a pit with your man-eating leopards...could I be burned at the stake instead?"
Noah: "Hmmm. Okay." Add a Comment
18 3.67 -
27 Leslie Then: Big Cats
Now: Big Trucks
Men do the strangest things to feel powerful. Add a Comment View Comments» (3)
18 3.61 -
28 Jason Reason # 12 Why sequels are a bad idea:
Lord of the Rings Book 9 - "Revenge of the Shire"
Having lost everything in his divorce and being now both old and clumsy, Aragorn has once again broken the sword of Elendil. The shards of Andurill lay before King SamWise Gamgee. Aragorn's chances before the Hobbit court did not look good. There would be no ghost soliders to save his butt this time. Add a Comment
18 3.56 -
29 Samela I've given you almost everything, now can I PLEASE have a turn wearing the crown? Add a Comment 19 3.53 -
30 Leslie "Hell, if I can't even pronounce your name, why should i listen to you? Somebody get this guy a shirt." Add a Comment 18 3.50 -
31 Michael Why won't you let me be senile in peace? Add a Comment 18 3.44 -
32 Jason If only every believer could be so courageous and faithful.............. Add a Comment View Comments» (7) 18 2.61 -