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April 24-30, 2006
Week 3 of 13 | Contest 5

Photo Info: This is another Danene upload, I believe, entitled "Cowgirls". :) Yee-haw!

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Danene Jackson

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Danene Unlike the rest of her friends, Eleanor never did realize her dream of becoming a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She did take some consolation, however, for being a starting offensive lineman. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 20 6.25 -
2 Jonathan The judges awarded the blue ribbon to the bull for keeping Pearl May on his back for 8 seconds. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 6.20 -
3 Joel Jenny was hesitant to give up her spot in the bottom bunk until she saw the new roommate. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 6.20 -
4 Lane Despite having only 4 members, this tight-knit group of cowgirls remains undefeated in the rodeo's 5-girl tug-o-war. Add a Comment 20 5.95 -
5 Sara Do these anorexic girls make me look fat? Add a Comment 20 5.85 -
6 Michelle They say even cowgirls get the blues...and while Prozac seemed to do the trick for the others, the only thing that made Lisa feel better was Twinkies. Add a Comment 20 5.60 -
7 Jonathan Julie's the tall one, but we call her Jack because she lifts the tractor when we need to change the tires. Add a Comment 20 5.55 -
8 Ryan Katie here is metaphorically challenged and we try to treat her as normally as possible--but if she ever says "You're so cute, I could just eat you up!" drop all pretenses and run for your life. Add a Comment 20 5.45 -
9 Lane Q: How many cowgirls does it take to plow a field?
A: Four. Three to bake cookies and one to pull the plow. Add a Comment
20 5.40 -
10 Lane Welcome to Cowboy Basics 101. Today's lesson: Distinguishing between cowgirls and heifers. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 5.20 -
11 dave It was only a fall off of a horse. The doctor said that the swelling would go down in a few days. Add a Comment 20 5.15 -
12 Ryan Country-Western dances can get pretty wild in Montana. These girls make sure to bring their own bouncer. Add a Comment 20 4.95 -
13 Jason When their papa, Farmer Jones, reached his midlife crisis and decided to "become his true self," his three daughters were very supportive. Add a Comment 20 4.85 -
14 Jason Here's a brain teaser: Lane must date two of these girls together, but they must have the same color hat....what should he do? It's a simple lesson in Economics really, all choices come with a cost........ Add a Comment View Comments (3) 20 4.60 -
15 Michael You think she's big?!? Wait until you see her horse! Add a Comment 20 4.55 -
16 Jonathan Here's the one that broke the eHarmony servers. Add a Comment 20 4.55 -
17 dave 3 days earlier:
"We could dress up like ballerinas?"
"No, that won't work."
"The Jackson Five?"
"Does Lisa count for two?"
"No." Add a Comment
20 4.50 -
18 Michael Andrea the Giant. Add a Comment 20 4.40 -
19 Brent "Wow, these chicks aren't bad. I'd even rate the one on the left a 9.5"
"Don't you mean the one on the right?"
"Nope, the one on the left rates a 9.5... on the Richter scale!" Add a Comment View Comments (1)
20 4.35 -
20 Brent Quick, David, arm your sling! Add a Comment 20 4.30 -
21 Brent "No no NO girls! You got it all wrong! When you round up a cow you don't bring it inside and pose for pictures, you lead it to..., Oh, uh, sorry Bertha, didn't recognize you at first." Add a Comment 20 4.30 -
22 Jonathan Sissy, who isn't, is our sister from a bigger mister.
Bucky is the smallest, but in spirit stands the tallest.
Effie's the lefty turned straight cause Kenny kissed her.
And Ellie shows her belly for the boys who open up their wallets. Add a Comment
20 4.20 -
23 Michelle Guess which one of these girls has an overactive pituitary! Add a Comment 20 4.20 -
24 Jason The Miss Cowgirl USA pagent finalists were: Miss Wyoming, Miss Idaho, Miss Montana, and Miss Utah. The appearence of Miss Wyoming helped many to finally understand one of the causes of recent changes in Wyoming cowboy dating habits. Add a Comment 20 4.20 -
25 dave Anybody want a peanut? Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 4.20 -
26 Dana I remember playing this game on Sesame Street!!!

"One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just isn't the same . . ."

Now, if only I could figure out which one it is . . . hmmmmmm. Add a Comment
21 4.19 -
27 Brent These 3 girls finally allowed big Joe his dream: to hang out with them all the time. On one condition... Add a Comment 20 4.15 -
28 Jason Who to ask out? Who to ask out? Dang it! The choice is too hard! If only I had one of those "Easy" buttons from Staples...... Add a Comment 20 4.10 -
29 dave We all know which one is going to ask for the "Horsey-ride" Add a Comment 20 3.95 -
30 Casey The Rodeo Commitee coudln't find a Lamb big enough for Danene, so she won 1st place by default. Add a Comment 20 3.75 -
31 Lane New, from the folks who brought you "Three Men and a Baby"... "Three Babes and a Man" ...Coming Summer 2006. Add a Comment 20 3.70 -
32 Michelle Far right: Hi! I'm Deena, and this is my sister Jessie, my cousin Trish, and my brother Dwayne--I mean my, uhh, "sister"... Stella.
Add a Comment
20 3.65 -
33 Jill 1 out of 4 people are starting to show the effects of estrogen fortified milk. Billie Jo here (only 13) has the body of a 20 year man (with boobs). People everywhere are begining to second guess milk! Add a Comment 20 3.60 -
34 David Holy Cow, get out your spurs and hang on for dear life. She is going to give you a ride! Add a Comment 20 3.45 -
35 David I think the weight of her arm is crushing the girl standing next to her. Add a Comment 20 3.45 -
36 Jill This group of lot lizards were found down at the local Flying J. Word on the street is that the one on the left, known as Big Bertha, is actually a transvestite. (Or some of the more experienced truckers claim.) Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 3.40 -
37 Michael Stay tuned for scenes from "Deuce Bigalow Cowboy Gigolo" Add a Comment 20 3.30 -
38 Sara Lord of the Rings Cowgirl Style

The remaining members of the Fellowship of the Rodeo Queen pause to take a commemorative photo after the hobbits honor their Gondorian visitor with a stirring rendition of "Home on the Shire." Add a Comment
20 3.10 -
39 Michael WOW! What a woman! Add a Comment 20 2.65 -