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May 1-7, 2006
Week 4 of 13 | Contest 5

Photo Info: Another recent upload, simply entitled "Fat Dog". :)

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
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Ryan Rawlings

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Ryan Wow, I never thought there'd be this much cat food in heaven...wait a minute...oh NO! Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 5.60 -
2 Lane "Quick! Little Tommy is stuck in the well!"
"Can't help you." Add a Comment View Comments (1)
20 5.55 -
3 Dana The weekend binge was a success! No longer would Tinkerbell have to worry about being carried around in a bag or dressed up by Paris Hilton. Add a Comment 20 5.50 -
4 Carol-Lyn If I just keep eating a little bit out of each barrel, maybe no one will notice ... Add a Comment 20 5.45 -
5 Jason In their excitment of getting a free three-day weekend off work due to "Illegal Alien Monday", the pet store staff forgot about Chet the office dog. For the rest of his days, Chet's dog friends were skeptical as he recounted the details of the greatest weekend of his life. Add a Comment 20 5.40 -
6 Leslie plumps when you cook 'em. Add a Comment 20 5.35 -
7 Lane In a twist of irony, irrefutable evidence found showing McGruff the Crime Dog skimming off the station's food storage. Police scramble to find new mascot... Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 5.35 -
8 Jason Ralf never dreamed he'd ever have a job this good! Sure, his buddies laughed at him when he didn't make bomb sniffer or even seeing eye-dog, but look who's laughing now. Marketing Researcher at Purina was THE dream job! If only they could see him now........ Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 5.30 -
9 Lane Before Rin Tin Tin became a star of the silver screen, Hollywood experimented with several variations, including this dog, Rin Ten Ton. Add a Comment 20 5.20 -
10 Amy M Aw...the bittersweet life of a dog food taste tester. Add a Comment 20 5.00 -
11 Chris N Somehow this dog makes me feel better about myself. Add a Comment 20 5.00 -
12 Leslie that bitch is phat!

Add a Comment
20 4.90 -
13 William "Its not the eating so much that bothers us Spike; its the moping around, detached behavior, and well, all the pot you use." Add a Comment 20 4.80 -
14 dave Defying all laws of physics, this dog miraculously walks. Add a Comment 20 4.75 -
15 Jonathan Ho Chihn: "I sink Chichu jus abow leady fol new yeal's dinnel, you ruv him wit ham flied lice." Add a Comment 20 4.70 -
16 dave An important reminder about pets: Input = Output Add a Comment 20 4.60 -
17 Michelle Some of the commandments were difficult for Roofus to follow, but the one about food storage was a snap. Add a Comment 20 4.55 -
18 Jason A secret peek at Rosie O'donnel at home without makeup. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 20 4.45 -
19 Jonathan One of six dogs named "Bear" in the Payson trailer park. Add a Comment View Comments (3) 20 4.40 -
20 William I've been "Supersized" Add a Comment 20 4.35 -
21 Michelle Holy crap! Look at the size of that gopher! Add a Comment 20 4.35 -
22 Leslie "puppy surprise, puppy surprise, how many puppies are there inside? there could be three, four, or five...." Add a Comment 20 4.35 -
23 William "I'm not fat, the lack of collar makes me look fat" Add a Comment 20 4.25 -
24 Jonathan After Flapjack backed into the hydrogen tank nozzle, he won two awards: 1. the nobel prize for science -- for discovering a sound method for hydrogen storage, and 2. the ozark blue dart championship. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 4.25 -
25 William "Forget Kibbles 'n Bits, I want Big Macs and Frostys..." Add a Comment 20 4.20 -
26 dave Yeah, they'll be surprised when they go back there and find THAT one. Whew! Add a Comment 20 4.20 -
27 Ryan Sparky, tired of dragging his belly beneath him, goes in search of a skateboard. Add a Comment 20 4.20 -
28 Lane The Humane Society vs. Pavlov is now in session. Exhibit A is this forensic report which shows signs of excessive drool throughout the premises. Exhibit B, this photo of one of the thinner dogs we found wandering about... Add a Comment 20 4.15 -
29 Dana Watch out!!! Sparky is looking for a good, strong leg to begin his new "exercise" program. Add a Comment 20 3.85 -
30 Michael "Where are those famous skooby snacks" Add a Comment 20 3.85 -
31 dave How could she get after me for how I look and call me fat? Doesn't she know how stupid she looks in that cowboy hat? Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 3.60 -
32 Jonathan I just don't know if that Richard Simmons workout video is doing any good for Rufie. Add a Comment 20 3.25 -
33 Casey It seems to be that "Old Yeller" did surrive the gun shot wound. Add a Comment 20 3.15 -
34 Leslie what cat....? Add a Comment 20 3.15 -
35 Jill Ah, they won't find that crap I took back there for DAYS!!! Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 2.80 -