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May 15-21, 2006
Week 6 of 13 | Contest 5

Photo Info: This is a picture of Amy Mecham taken on Harney Peak during our South Dakota trip last week. As a sidenote, this is the same Amy M who is the 0-bomb queen on the stats page. :)

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Jill Dedrickson

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jill After having her eyes pecked out by flesh eating pidgeons, Amy invests in some beautiful new glass eyes!! Add a Comment View Comments» (8) 23 6.00 -
2 Lane Having not received a text message in 30 min. (no service on Harney Peak), Amy's brain begins to implode... Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 23 5.65 -
3 Jonathan Feeling the chi of the mountain, Amy looks at Lane all Harney like. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 23 5.35 -
4 dave A portrait was taken to mark this momentous occasion: Amy was let off the short bus without having to wear her helmet. Add a Comment 23 5.22 -
5 Mark Rapunzel was sure that having the prince climb up to the window using her hair as a rope would "hurt like the dickens" (her words) but was happy to find out that it actually felt "quite heavenly" (again, her words.) Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 23 5.17 -
6 William “Ah Lane…I believe you! You don’t have to show me your poison ivy rash!” Add a Comment 23 5.13 -
7 Sara Another hiking trip with the "special" kids was enjoyed by all. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 23 5.04 -
8 Michael Amy turns around just in time to see the local nudist club come into the room. Add a Comment View Comments» (8) 23 4.96 -
9 Sara Once again, Amy dazzled us with her impression of a victim of the Petrificus Totalus spell. Add a Comment 23 4.83 -
10 Jason Amy accidentally walked into Lane's bath house changing room and all at once learned about "Shrinkage". Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 23 4.83 -
11 Jonathan I guess they were all out of "I Love Lane" shirts. Add a Comment View Comments» (8) 23 4.78 -
12 Jason During a overseas exchange visit, Amy was thrilled to learn that she had been chosen as the model for the "Typical American" exibit in the new European Union Wax Museum. Nicknamed "American TV Zombie", her figure quickly became the museum's most popular attraction. Add a Comment 23 4.78 -
13 Lane "You feel totally relaxed. That's it. Totally relaxed. Good. Now, slowly untie your..."
(SLAP) "Dude, what are you doing??"
"What? I just wanted to see if she'd really do it..." Add a Comment
23 4.70 -
14 Michelle Three double espresso shots and a bran muffin gave Amy the energy she need to keep up with the boys, but she neglected to consider the unpleasant side effects that would surely follow. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 23 4.70 -
15 Lane The nightmare that was hiking Harney Peak did an abrupt 180 when Amy stumbled upon a TV at the top showing the latest episode of MTV's "The Real World". Add a Comment 23 4.52 -
16 Amy M Lane: "Uh guys, she's really starting to freak me out. I think we may have underestimated her fear of heights." Add a Comment 23 4.48 -
17 William Some people just can’t hold their Dew. Add a Comment 23 4.48 -
18 dave Amy may never know who thought a coat hook on that wall, at that level was a good idea. Add a Comment 23 4.48 -
19 Joel Once again proving that women can multitask, Amy shows off her cross-eyed knot tying trick. Add a Comment 23 4.48 -
20 William A true TV lover, Amy took part in her own reality show: “4 days with Jordan, Mike, and Lane.” She lost. Add a Comment 23 4.43 -
21 Jason "Ok, Ok, I'll make my Jenny McCarthy face ONE more time, then shut up about it!" Add a Comment 23 4.39 -
22 Carol-Lyn After finishing their tour of Rushmore, Lane, Mike and Jordan felt a change in the air as the clouds suddenly darkend and hid the sun. Just then, Amy turned to them, with crazed look in her eye and said, "Take me to your leader." Add a Comment 23 4.30 -
23 Jason "Oh don't worry, she'll snap out of it in a few minutes. She gets like this everytime someone mentions Matthew McConaughey." Add a Comment 23 4.26 -
24 Carol-Lyn When Lane, Mike and Jordan reached the sumit of Harney Peak, they found a sparce stone building standing alone. Inside the building, they found a government experiment gone horribly wrong ... Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 23 4.26 -
25 Logan Doctor Keller could hardly contain his laughter after Amy said "Well, doctor, it only huts when I go like this..." Add a Comment 23 4.17 -
26 Amy M This picture taken right after Lane attempted to make sure Amy had packed all necessary things.

"Did you pack some tampons just in case?" Add a Comment
23 4.13 -
27 Michelle Lane: "Wow, Mike. You were right. Her face DID freeze like that after I hit her on the back." Add a Comment 23 4.04 -
28 Mark “Holy crap!” Amy thought, “I bet these girdle straps have been hanging out from the bottom of my shirt this whole hike! What the? Do girdles even have straps?” Add a Comment 23 4.00 -
29 Michael After the most strenuous hike of her life, she went a little crazy when she saw someone pull out a snickers bar and ate it right in front of her. "I NEED SUGAR.......I need sugar...." She thought as she got ready to pounce. Add a Comment 23 4.00 -
30 Lane Having trouble with even the simplest of knots? Try our new "You're Knot Hypnotized" DVD for only $19.95 and you'll be able to whip up a double overhand friction hitch in 3 seconds flat! Add a Comment 23 3.96 -
31 Jonathan "Amy, are you still trying to tie a knot in that cherry stem?" Add a Comment 23 3.91 -
32 Michael She finally thought a joke was funny so Lane took a picture. She catches her breath and sighs "I would give that one a 10." Add a Comment 23 3.87 -
33 Mark Even after scrambling her way up all 7442 feet of Harney Peak, Amy still couldn’t wipe that silly look off of her face that had been on it ever since realizing that she got the last of the pink back-packs during the Mother’s Day (2005) sale at Wal-Mart. Add a Comment 23 3.83 -
34 Jeff T The shirt says it all. Add a Comment 23 3.61 -
35 Michael Amy wanted to wear something appropriate for the birth of TV museum tour. Add a Comment 23 3.57 -
36 Amy M The jedi master of being photogenic does it again... Add a Comment 23 3.39 -
37 Jonathan Amy the caption nazi feels the payback when she finds herself as the Monday morning POTW bullseye, donning a b-rated novelty shirt. Add a Comment 23 3.30 -
38 William Amy goes into a trance once she finds out that she can’t vote this week (due to being in the middle of nowhere) and wonders ”Will Samela jump my 0 claim?” Add a Comment 23 3.26 -
39 Amy M While thoughts of chasing antelope danced in her head... Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 23 3.26 -
40 David Did someone say Eric Gagne? I just love Eric Gagne! Add a Comment View Comments» (10) 23 2.96 -
41 Jill Hypnotized, Amy does what she is told!!! Add a Comment 23 2.91 -
42 Steve This is the exact spot where Ted bundy was shot? Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 24 2.50 -