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June 12-18, 2006
Week 10 of 13 | Contest 5

Photo Info: This is a photo of William and Leslie on our Subway hike down in Zion on Saturday. I'm not sure what they were discussing, but Leslie does not look very happy. :)

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Sara Allen

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Sara William: What? Come on, I'm just kidding . . .
Leslie: I know, but you're making me uncomfortable.
William: Why? X-Ray glasses aren't even real . . .
Leslie: Then look at my face when you're talking to me. MY FACE! Add a Comment View Comments (3)
24 6.75 -
2 Mark Leslie: I mean it! I think something just bit me on the shoulder! Why don't you ever take me seriously?
William: Tell me again what you think bit you.
Leslie: An alligator.
William: That's why. Add a Comment View Comments (5)
24 5.71 -
3 Joshua Get your "Strong Pose William" Action Figure Today ("Wet Angry Leslie Doll" Not Included) Add a Comment 24 5.38 -
4 Chad William and Leslie argue over who gets to keep the 1 foot tall pygmy backpacker they found near the waterfall. Add a Comment 24 5.33 -
5 William Im not trying to be your mother Leslie, but thats why I told you to pee while we were in the deeper water! Add a Comment 24 5.17 -
6 Leslie "i just don't understand why you repeatedly insist on snapping my bra strap, especially after I told you that my shoulders are sunburned." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 24 5.12 -
7 Casey "William, i'm late..." Add a Comment View Comments (2) 24 4.79 -
8 Lane "What's my problem? WHAT'S MY PROBLEM?? When you said 'subway' I thought you meant we were going to New York City!" Add a Comment 24 4.79 -
9 Mark Leslie: Get that life vest out of your suitcase, you said. And what's with these water wings? you said. There's no water where we're going, you said. Well, smarty-pants, what in the crap do you call this stuff I'm standing in? If I fall down and drown... Add a Comment 24 4.79 -
10 Sara I can't believe you just said that! I do NOT have back fat! Add a Comment View Comments (3) 24 4.67 -
11 David Les quit your whining. Maybe you can mask your wet shorts by sitting in the water. Add a Comment 24 4.62 -
12 Amber Leslie: So, you're telling me you actually keep track of THAT?
William: Well, yeah, it seems like a logical thing to do.
Leslie: Oh, right, waaaay logical! Out of all the dates to remember and plug into your little palm pilot thingy, you put THAT in and set an alarm for it!
William's thoughts: Well, NOW I've learned to (1.) have an emergency chocolate supply on hand and (2.) NEVER tell a girl I know it's "that time of the month." Next time, just stay way...leave the chocolate and back up slowly. Add a Comment View Comments (1)
24 4.62 -
13 Jason Leslie learned the hard way not to make fun of William's muscle shirt or his "Big Guns", as he called them. Add a Comment 24 4.54 -
14 David When love is in trouble, even the rocks weep. Add a Comment 24 4.42 -
15 Sara Leslie, to herself: "Check out that butt . . . I could look at that all day . . . man, I would lov . . ."
William, suddenly: "Hey . . . you're not looking at my butt again, are you? "
Leslie: "Wha! Huh, who . . . me? No way . . . phhh! Not even! Technically I can't even see it from here."
William: "You were! You were totally scopin' my butt! . . . Bum lookah." Add a Comment
24 4.42 -
16 Kylie "It's called 'King of the Hill,' Will. I have the flag and I'm on higher ground."
"Flag?! Give me my swim trunks now or I'll give you a real dead arm!" Add a Comment
24 4.33 -
17 Daniel I think the park rangers just flushed... Add a Comment 24 4.29 -
18 Sommer Carry you?!!?!
Yes, I told you my shoulder hurts, and I can't walk any further. Add a Comment
24 4.25 -
19 Mark William: I never said that you looked bad in that swimming suit. All I said was that you didn't look good in it.
Leslie, preparing to back-hand him: I think there's a mosquito on your nose. Come closer. Add a Comment
24 4.25 -
20 Jason Leslie: "I told you that Kayak was a stupid waste of money!"
William: "Maybe we should've read the instructions...." Add a Comment
24 4.21 -
21 Michael "Quit looking at me like that. You know how I get when I'm moist." Add a Comment 24 4.12 -
22 Michael "Oh Yes Leslie, I CAN quit you!" Add a Comment 24 4.12 -
23 Sara Serously! Quit leap-froggin' me off the falls! Add a Comment 24 4.08 -
24 Lane If looks could cause arthritis. Add a Comment 24 4.00 -
25 Michael "Quit trying to use the force on me, William, it isn't going fix my shoulder." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 24 3.96 -
26 Marc William (ala Saturday's Warrior): Will you wait for me?

Leslie (in a sing-song know the tune): Will I WAAAYT for you?!? Why Willie you ought to be ahhhSHAAAAMed of yourself...I've stood here through it all...through thick and thin and rain and snow and ice...and now you're questioning my inTEGrity??? Add a Comment
25 3.92 -
27 Jason Survivor 2008:
Things got really heated during the obstacle course challenge when Will and Leslie got into a fight over whose skin was more "pasty-white". Add a Comment
24 3.88 -
28 Mark Leslie: I'm not going to ask you again. Get me down from here!
William: Make me!
Leslie: I don't make trash, I burn it.
William: What? You're such a child!
Leslie: I know you are but what am I?
William: I have no comeback for that. Well, I had one - when I was SEVEN!
Leslie: Up your nose with a rubber hose. Add a Comment
24 3.88 -
29 William One more crack about my white, scrawny legs Leslie and Im going to send you to the Moon! Add a Comment 24 3.83 -
30 Casey William: "Leslie I want to marry you!"
Leslie: "No William Just cause you want to go join some church that tells you that you can marry more then one wife"
William: "But come on It is part of my plan to catch Warren Jeffs."
Leslie: "We split the money 50/50, and no drinking, or sex!"
William: *Scowls in disappointment* Add a Comment
24 3.79 -
31 Lane " feet are blistered, there's sand in my hair, I...what the? What on Earth? Did you just give me the cold shoulder?" Add a Comment 24 3.71 -
32 Daniel Bill, you said that if I stood here and looked at you, I would become a princess... Add a Comment 24 3.67 -
33 Daniel Wow that is one life like statue of Leslie.

Nice water feature... Add a Comment
24 3.62 -
34 Lane It's time to play..."Married or Not Married"
Leslie: "Bring that smug face a little closer so I can SMACK it!" Add a Comment
24 3.62 -
35 Morgan Marry you? Are you crazy?!!! Add a Comment 24 3.62 -
36 Jill Leslie: I thought you said if I jumped, you'd catch me. Well, now I've jumped and fallen, and my shoulder is killing me! Add a Comment 24 3.62 -
37 Jill Leslie: I told you we were going the wrong way!!! Why do you have to be so damn stubborn and not stop for directions? Add a Comment 24 3.46 -
38 Brent Why am I whining! William you know I am my softball teams leading southpaw, and I pitched a complete game last night. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 24 3.46 -
39 William William and Leslie like to take Shakespeare everywhere they go! Here they act out a scene from Hamlet. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 24 3.38 -
40 William I dont need you to cuddle William! However, I will do what it takes to get your enchilada recipe... Add a Comment 24 3.38 -
41 Michael This is what William and Leslie consider --foreplay. Add a Comment 24 3.38 -
42 Brent Leslie! I told you not to keep the sink running! Now look what you did! Add a Comment View Comments (3) 24 3.33 -
43 Joshua Leslie: That is enough of your sass.
William: Sass? You want another tickle?
Leslie: Don't make me back hand you!
William: OOHH! I'm Scared! Add a Comment
24 3.25 -
44 Casey "No William, I don't want to sleep with you tonight!" Add a Comment 24 2.92 -
45 Marc Audio: Add a Comment View Comments (3)
25 2.88 -
46 Daniel Leslie how many times do I have to tell you not to wave the red banner while standing on the wet rocks. Add a Comment 24 2.71 -