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June 19-25, 2006
Week 11 of 13 | Contest 5

Photo Info: This is a picture of me and Jordan swimming in one of the potholes near the Subway in Zion. The picture makes me look like stay-puft marshmellow head...but I decided to throw it on here anyway. :)

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane Rub-a-dub-dub,
Two dudes in a tub;
And who do you think they be?
One is soon-to-be married,
One would sooner be buried;
Each in his own state of glee. Add a Comment View Comments (9)
20 6.45 -
2 Sara Crikey! Seein' one is rare enough, but two is a treat! You don't want to get too close . . . they've come to the surface hopin' for a feeding and that's what we're going to give 'em. Terri, grab that bucket of fish. Add a Comment View Comments (5) 20 6.20 -
3 Mark When the "Family Fued" surveyed 100 people asking them to "Name an item of clothing you'd wear while swimming," oddly enough, "baseball cap" and "knee brace" didn't make the survey. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 5.65 -
4 Chris N "...and here's one of me and Jordan on our tour of the Mountain Dew factory." Add a Comment 20 5.60 -
5 Mark At the Navy Seal try-outs, Lane and Jordan demonstrate treading water. Although their performance didn't warrant them becoming Navy Seals, they both received an invitation to become Navy Walruses. Add a Comment 20 5.55 -
6 Sara Guys . . . I think we made too much jello. It's nearly impossible to wrestle in this . . . Add a Comment 20 5.35 -
7 Leslie ...and what a story it is! rescue teams worked all day in an effort to get two beached men off the shore and into the water once again. here, we have a sky view shot of the two's almost as if they are smiling at us with gratitude. Add a Comment 21 5.33 -
8 Lane Mmm, MMM. "Menace to society" stew! Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 5.30 -
9 Brent Batman and Robin defeat their newest adversavies, The Smiling Marshmallow and No Face. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 5.25 -
10 Michelle Jordan and Lane demonstrate the synchronized swimming routine that won them a bronze medal at the Utah Summer Games. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 5.10 -
11 Michael "Today live is the first national water treading compitition. We are down to the last two contestants. They are going on 2 days and it looks like Lane Pollock is really doing well."

"He is doing well Bob. Check out that smile on his face. It looks like he isn't even tired."

"Yeah Jerry, I would hate to look over and see that. All part of the intimidation factor." Add a Comment
20 5.10 -
12 Brent A mafia man in training fails his initiation test when he forgets cement overshoes for his victims. Add a Comment 20 5.00 -
13 Mark Having such a great time, Lane decides then and there to always take baths with his clothes on. And to always take them with Jordan. Add a Comment 20 4.95 -
14 Chris N Quick flush it before they get out!!! Add a Comment 20 4.95 -
15 Joshua Lane's Head is so "boyant" it keeps both of them afloat! Add a Comment 21 4.90 -
16 Lane If lobsters ruled the world...
"Pick which one you'd like to eat, honey..." Add a Comment
20 4.70 -
17 Michael Fondudes Add a Comment 20 4.70 -
18 Michael Lane and Jordan could never figure out why they couldn't get second dates with the girls that took this picture. Add a Comment 20 4.65 -
19 Brent The water was nice when Jordan and Lane got in, but the frog kept turning the burner up a teeny bit at a time, and before Jordan and Lane knew it, they were cooked. Add a Comment 20 4.65 -
20 Jonathan I told Lane's mom that there's a picture on the internet of Jordan and Lane together in a secluded heart shaped pool, with their hands about to touch, and they have thongs on. I hope she didn't get the wrong idea. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 4.50 -
21 Sara Dr., come take a look. I've never seen anything like it before! I think we've isolated the cause of the patient's condition . . . excessive mutated Y chromosomes present in the cytoplasm. Add a Comment 20 4.45 -
22 William Lane is usually moaning about road construction, but Lane and Jordan were happy and refreshed that this pothole had not yet been filled on I-15. Add a Comment 20 4.45 -
23 Jason Luckily for its members, POTW does not allow topless photos. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 4.40 -
24 Sara We were all impressed with Lane and Jordan's commitment to their exercise routine while on vacation. Taking water aerobics on the road with you isn't easy . . . Add a Comment 20 4.35 -
25 Jason Company officials were baffled when sales for the new "Boys Gone Wild" DVD series failed to meet expectations. Add a Comment 20 4.30 -
26 Jason And with this week's photo, William and Leslie lose the coveted title of "Most Pasty-White". Add a Comment 20 4.20 -
27 Leslie oooo, my favorite party game....bobbing for men! Add a Comment View Comments (3) 21 4.19 -
28 Jason You laugh now, but this photo was taken right before the Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Team jumped in. Why do you think they are smiling so big? Add a Comment 20 4.15 -
29 Jonathan The sulphur smell coming from this pool led some to believe that it was a warm spring. It was a real double-whammy for those that jumped in. Add a Comment 20 4.10 -
30 Joshua The real question is where are all the bubbles coming from? Hmm. Add a Comment 21 4.00 -
31 Daniel "Mama always said don't eat yellow snow" says Jordan.
"Yes but she never said anything about swimming in yellow water" replies Lane.
"Where do you think the yellow water comes from?" asks Jordan. Add a Comment
20 3.90 -
32 Chad This was the last picture taken of Stay-Puff and Jordan before a gian volcanic fissure opened up under their swimming hole and cooked them into a giant smore. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 3.85 -
33 Jonathan Ben & Jerry in City Slickers VII.
Producer to Camera man, "Didn't there used to be a skinny one?" Add a Comment
20 3.80 -
34 Mark Cedar City's version of hot tubbin'. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 20 3.75 -
35 Jonathan Jordan: "Did you feel the water just get warm......LANE!!??" Add a Comment 20 3.70 -
36 Brent Stay-Puft Marshmallow man going through his pictures: "Ah yes, this was a ton of fun, but I don't really like how I look in the picture, I look to much like that guy on" Add a Comment 20 3.50 -
37 William Double, double toil and trouble.... Add a Comment 20 3.30 -
38 Michael Lane and Jordan tried to convince the group that a water park would be WAY funner than Zion. It all turned out OK though. Add a Comment 20 3.30 -
39 Daniel I don't think that bathing in yellow water counts as your once a year bathe.
Add a Comment View Comments (1)
20 3.15 -
40 Casey You might have also seen these guys in "Jonah a Veggie Tales Movie" Add a Comment 20 3.10 -
41 David Do we call that a love tub? Add a Comment 20 3.05 -
42 Lane The Bobbsey Twins. Add a Comment 20 3.00 -
43 Daniel Lane did something just grab your butt? Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 2.90 -
44 Daniel How do you get two BYU co-eds to take a bath?
Add a Comment
20 2.85 -
45 Steve So I had this dream last night and I had to go the bathroom really bad, but I couldn't find a place to go. Everywhere I went, there were people around. An then I finally foud a place I thought I was alone and, ahhhhh, sweet release..... Add a Comment 21 2.76 -
46 David ...........or is that called a soak and poke? Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 1.45 -