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July 10-16, 2006
Week 1 of 13 | Contest 6

Photo Info: Michelle found this picture recently on the Salt Lake Tribune's website of some kind of free fishing...festival celebration, or something. :)

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Mark Petersen

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Mark Johnny had hoped that this fishing trip would yield the same sort of catch as at the ward party, where he threw his line over the partition and reeled in a pack of gum and a water pistol. Instead, he hauled in what he later described as a "worthless piece of crap." Add a Comment 12 6.00 -
2 Jason When they cut open the shark, everyone was amazed to find Timmy safe and sound, even if a bit shaken up. He would not let go of his new friend "Snapper" who had helped him through the trama. Add a Comment 12 5.83 -
3 Chris N You know the rules: You say the F-word, you suck on a trout. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 12 5.83 -
4 Chad Dad thought it would be funny to take little Johnny fishing after watching "Finding Nemo". We all had a good laugh. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 12 5.33 -
5 Jason Bobby is screaming because he remembers last week when dad gave him a little piggy....right before dad showed him how to butcher and roast it. Add a Comment 12 5.08 -
6 Mark "Next up is little Dalton Jones. He looks terrified, and who wouldn't be? He just realized he's set to ride "Freak on a Leash," the same fish what bucked Wyatt Westwood clear out of the pool just last month. Now where'd that saddle float off to?" Add a Comment 12 4.92 -
7 Joshua Looks like dad just showed his son how to do "The Mama Trout egg squeeze and shoot." Add a Comment 12 4.92 -
8 Chris N A successful inter-species marriage takes a lot of work... especially when children are involved. Add a Comment 12 4.83 -
9 Jonathan James tried everything to "cure" his son's PETA tendancies, but forcing the issue only made things worse. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 12 4.75 -
10 Daniel Grizzly Adams attempts to teach his young son Bryan Adams to fish like a bear. Add a Comment 12 4.67 -
11 Sara Mike decided it was high time to rid Aaron of his bizarre aversion to slimy things. He was NOT okay with raising a Nancy boy. Add a Comment 12 4.58 -
12 Sara Asking Bobby if he wanted to meet the monster that lives in his bedroom wasn't so funny after all. Add a Comment 12 4.42 -
13 Joshua The youngest member of the Bass Masters team, Screamy Joe, shows us his signature move after catching a big one. YEAH! Add a Comment 12 4.33 -
14 Mark Wanting to eat some cake, Jimmy is told that he first has to eat his lunch. "Well, at least just have one bite." Add a Comment 12 4.25 -
15 Sara NO! I won't let go! It IS Brooky! You said she was dead! I never would have let you flush her! Why did you do it!? WHY!!!? Add a Comment 12 4.17 -
16 Mark This photo was taken moments before this father and his ferociously hungry son were rushed to the emergency room - The boy to get his stomach pumped, and his dad to then have his partially digested thumb reattached. Add a Comment 12 4.00 -
17 Jason "Now give me the fishy son. We've got to chop its head off now." Add a Comment 12 4.00 -
18 Michael At the local fishing competition, Jim Bob showed how he taught is son to lure the fish right into his daddy's hands by belting out a high pitch scream.

"Ok that's enough son. We got it" He said as the crowd cringed as they heard what reminded them of someone scratching a chalk board. Add a Comment
12 4.00 -
19 Daniel But dad Golem ate them raw. Add a Comment 12 3.58 -
20 Michael Open wide son, here it comes... Add a Comment 12 3.58 -
21 Michael OK son now all we gotta do is clean it... no no we cut it open and tear out the guts. Add a Comment 12 3.42 -
22 Jason Chad to son: "Good boy. Now that we're done fishing, we can get back to those SOX reviews." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 12 3.17 -
23 Michael Dad! Your hand turned into a big ugly fish! Add a Comment 12 3.08 -
24 Jonathan The new poster-child for birth control. Add a Comment 12 2.67 -
25 Daniel No dad my birthday wish wasn't for a fish, it was for a new dish. Dish, daddy dish. Add a Comment View Comments (4) 12 2.50 -
26 Daniel LET GO OF MY FISH DAD! Add a Comment 12 2.42 -