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July 17-23, 2006
Week 2 of 13 | Contest 6

Photo Info: We're back baby! (from the Salmon River trip) This is a photo from our trip of Ryan attempting to help Michelle do a back flip off the end of the raft.

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane Although she experiences Ryan's wrath for breaking into his secret Corn Nuts stash, Michelle gets the last laugh as she's able to finish the last handful before hitting water... Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 19 6.11 -
2 Lane Looking to make conversion inroads amongst the adrenaline-addicted youth, the church introduces...eXtreme baptism! Add a Comment 19 6.00 -
3 Chris N "Dang it Ryan, you're sprinkling the pixie dust on the wrong end!" Add a Comment 19 5.68 -
4 Daniel After trying for hours to catch the “big one” Ryan decides to use larger bait. Add a Comment 19 5.58 -
5 Lane A close cousin to dwarf tossing, the girl hurl is a river trip favorite. Add a Comment 19 5.53 -
6 Chris N Things were going well until Ryan spotted a "slug bug" Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 5.32 -
7 Mark Needing to create more "living space" on the raft, Ryan begins to rid the boat of things he doesn't need. Add a Comment 19 5.32 -
8 Jonathan When Michelle told Ryan to quit throwing rocks into the water, he found something else. Add a Comment 19 5.32 -
9 Mark Michelle reveals a side of herself to Ryan that he had not noticed before. Ryan likey. Add a Comment 19 5.16 -
10 Lane "Okay Ryan, first step to becoming a river need to learn to enforce the RULES. See that girl over there not peeing in the river...take care of it." Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 19 5.00 -
11 Jason Michelle was able to cleverly escape Ryan's left hook, but the 8 inch depth of the water did her in. Add a Comment 19 4.95 -
12 Sara That's it! I'm sick of the ultimatums. If you wanna play that way . . . I choose my rafting gear! Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 4.89 -
13 Steve WHAT? You drank the last Mountain Dew? Add a Comment 20 4.85 -
14 Jonathan Michelle: "Ah, we're sinking. Quick, throw something off." Add a Comment 19 4.79 -
15 Jason This wasn't what she had in mind when Ryan invited her to go on a trip with him to "take the plunge." Michelle hoped she could get that dress deposit back. Add a Comment 19 4.74 -
16 Joshua Ryan and Michelle engage in a battle to the death. Michelle, using the Force to flip out of the water and back into the boat, has a serious advantage. Add a Comment 19 4.63 -
17 Jason Michelle's plan to get Ryan to grab her butt was working perfectly. "He actually thinks I like getting thrown into the water," she thought. Add a Comment 19 4.63 -
18 Jason Lane: "Ok Everybody, first one back to the surface with that box of chocolates down there wins a free hot springs trip with yours truly. Ready, set, GO!"
Ryan: "Out of my way woman, that trip is mine!" Add a Comment
19 4.47 -
19 Mark Previously, the raft had ridden too low in the water. Now, it almost rode too high. Add a Comment 19 4.37 -
20 Jonathan Because of Michelle's aversion to deodorant, Ryan offered quite frequently to teach her how to back-flip. Add a Comment 19 4.16 -
21 Sara Michelle and Ryan were excited to delight us with their unique "river raft show" adaptation of "The Sound of Music." This is their creative and stirring rendition of Ryan's favorite family Von Trapp performance . . . "So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye . . ." Add a Comment 19 4.11 -
22 Michael Ryan and Michelle found the perfect spot to practice thier country dancing flip routine. Add a Comment 19 3.95 -
23 Daniel Michelle didn't quite understand the difference between swimming upstream and upside down. Add a Comment 19 3.95 -
24 Sara Ryan: See . . . I told you I could use my mental powers to make you levitate.
Michelle: I believed you, but upside down over a frigid mountain lake wasn't what I had in mind! Add a Comment
19 3.89 -
25 Jonathan For safety reasons, Michelle thought it would be best to wake Ryan from his mid-day sleep walk. Add a Comment 19 3.89 -
26 Michael They forgot the bocce balls so they decided on something a little different. Add a Comment 19 3.89 -
27 Sara How many times do I have to say it? NO, I will NOT go skinny dipping with you! Add a Comment 19 3.84 -
28 Mark Ryan's favorite part of practicing the shot-put with Michelle was the big splash she makes when she lands. Add a Comment 19 3.68 -
29 David Bottoms up! Add a Comment 19 3.63 -
30 Michael WOW YOU STINK! Get in the water! Add a Comment 19 3.58 -
31 Daniel Note to self: Never again get hypnotized while on a raft.
Reason: While rafting with Ryan on the Salmon River, Ryan in all his kindness suggested that I let him hypnotize me. Having nothing better to do I consented. This picture was taken just after he told me I was a mer-woman from Atlantis and that I needed to save my city from the Kraken.
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19 3.05 -
32 Daniel Michelle, on the count of three jump.
Two Add a Comment
19 2.84 -
33 Michael No I will not make out with you! Add a Comment 19 2.79 -
34 Chad Can you hear me NOW!!! Add a Comment 19 2.58 -
35 Chad Yeah, and I'll hit you again if you talk back to me like that again woman! Add a Comment 19 2.32 -