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August 7-13, 2006
Week 5 of 13 | Contest 6

Photo Info: Another upload entitled "Chinese Airline".

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Jonathan Young

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jonathan New at the cookie factory, Chin thought it would be a good joke to write "You will die in fiery plane crash" on about 250 fortune cookie inserts. Add a Comment View Comments (6) 18 6.44 -
2 Jonathan Last communication from Chinese tower to pilot: Rand on back top in flont of towel. Add a Comment 18 5.78 -
3 Jason Flight Attendant: "See that everyone?...And you thought we were just on a power trip when we made you turn off your cell phones!" Add a Comment 18 5.50 -
4 William "Attention all special frequent flyer members: just a policy reminder, in the event that we do not reach the end of the runway, your account will be deducted the difference of mileage." Add a Comment 18 5.39 -
5 Jason "Just one more thing before take off this morning. The captain wants to remind all passengers: DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT push the little red button over the sink in the lavoratory." Add a Comment 18 5.39 -
6 Jason "Ladies and Gentlemen in the Gate area, We apologize for the delay of flight 235. We will have your aircraft serviced and ready to go in about 45 minutes. Thank You." Add a Comment 18 5.39 -
7 Lane Reporter: "...and while certainly a tragic loss of life, the Chinese government would like to remind viewers that approximately 6 million babies were born in the meantime. The motherland remains strong." Add a Comment View Comments (5) 18 5.33 -
8 William "For our passengers on the right side of the aircraft, please look out the window and note what happens when you do not return your tray tables and seat to the upright position." Add a Comment 18 5.17 -
9 Jeff T "As we taxy down the runway, we invite all passengers to look out the windows on the LEFT side of the airline where they will see a beautiful Chinese country landscape as well as a statue that is a tribute to Communist China's unparalleled aviation prowess." Add a Comment 18 5.11 -
10 Joel The decision to fly that plane was overturned. Add a Comment 18 5.11 -
11 Sara When airline tarmac "avant-garde" art crosses the line . . . Add a Comment 18 4.94 -
12 Cassie Chinese officials rethink the student-pilot program as less economical than they once believed. Add a Comment 18 4.89 -
13 Daniel Captain to main cabin: "You see what happens when we allow the Fat Americans to sit next to each other!" Add a Comment 18 4.83 -
14 Lane Pilot: "Ladies and gentlemen, I know exactly what happened to that plane you see out your windows to the right. It was...DEMOCRACY!" (shrieks and gasps) Add a Comment 18 4.78 -
15 Sara Looks like those disgruntled union pilots have been playing chicken fights on the runway again . . . Add a Comment 18 4.72 -
16 Mike K What happens when pranks between two competing airlines go too far. Add a Comment 18 4.67 -
17 Mike K There must have been 'snakes on that plane'. Add a Comment 18 4.61 -
18 William "Chinese Airlines....where pilots drink FREE!!! - $5 in main cabin..." Add a Comment 18 4.56 -
19 Mike K "Ha! Way to go Lee! I knew you couldn't pull off the inverted 360 with a wing drag!" Add a Comment 18 4.56 -
20 Jason What do you expect when you pay $29.99 for a round trip? Add a Comment 18 4.50 -
21 Daniel There is a little old lady in Haiti that is smiling. She made them pay for not letting her take her voodoo bag on the plane. Add a Comment 18 4.50 -
22 Allison Fly Mandarin Airlines: Accelerate Your Life. Add a Comment 18 4.44 -
23 Cassie It's just a good thing their seats served as floatation devices! Add a Comment 18 4.39 -
24 Jonathan After this "incident", the Chinese Lucky 5 Airline, quickly changed its name to "Mandarin Airlines." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 18 4.39 -
25 Daniel Starting tomorrow all airline seat cushions will be equipped with airbags... Add a Comment 18 4.33 -
26 Jonathan Government officials said that exploding ping-pong balls in the unpressurized cargo bay brought down the commercial airplane. One-star ping-pong balls have subsequently been banned in airplanes. Add a Comment 18 4.17 -
27 Steve Plane sunning, BEEEP, time to turn over. Add a Comment 18 4.11 -
28 Daniel The buzz from green tea extract only lasts 29 minutes, unfortunately this flight was 30 minutes. Add a Comment 18 3.89 -
29 Nate That pilot should have stayed at a Holiday Inn. Add a Comment 19 3.84 -
30 Lane "Whatever happened to ol' Toonces anyway?" "Last I heard...said he was sick of cars and was ready to move on..." Add a Comment 18 3.67 -
31 Michael Stewardess: "We want all of you to be PERFECTLY comfortable. Please let us know if you need anything." Add a Comment 18 3.61 -
32 Mike K I can just imagine the chaos. An airplane full of panicky, deodorant-free Chinese screaming and pointing at the wreckage ala Tattoo: "De plane! De plane!" Add a Comment 18 3.50 -
33 Sara Runway Roadkill Add a Comment View Comments (3) 18 3.28 -
34 Michael Stewardess: "Everyone look to the right. That is what happens if you fart on the plane. Please, for all of our sakes, no farting!" Add a Comment View Comments (3) 18 2.94 -