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August 21-27, 2006
Week 7 of 13 | Contest 6

Photo Info: Time for the quarterly church painting. :) This is of course the classic BoM painting of Mormon and Moroni mourning a once great Nephite nation...

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Jonathan Young

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jonathan The church worked hard to dispel the rumor that Mormons have horns; up until the release of the 1980 reprint of the Book of Mormon with pictures. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 10 6.80 -
2 Sara Moroni: Hmmm . . . I'm not seein' it.
Mormon: It's that big puffy one right there sorta between those two hills . . .
Moroni: Uhhh . . .
Mormon: See how the right leg and hoof are up in the air like it's prancing?
Moroni: Um, nope. Definitely don't see any prancing . . . Add a Comment View Comments» (1)
11 5.36 -
3 Lane "For behold, a vision cometh to me. I see in the future a great painter, yea, even one Arnold Friberg. And behold, verily verily I say unto you...this man knoweth not the meaning of a wimpy arm, or an un-square jaw...yea, a man worthy of exceedingly great praise." Add a Comment 10 5.30 -
4 Jason Leave now my son, but first please retrieve my horn-hat for me. I dropped it during the battle somewhere over there. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 10 4.90 -
5 Marc Mormon: Now son, according to the Master Development Plan, the condos will be in the west, with the townhomes east of that...are you getting the picture?
Moroni: Yeah! Yeah! With the Wal-Mart to the south?
Mormon: No, no...right there, between the condos and the townhomes...
Moroni: Yeah, yeah...That's the ticket! Add a Comment
10 4.90 -
6 Leslie ice cream truck man, politely "this one, sir?"
mormon: "oh for cryn' out loud, don't you know what a rocket pop is?! that one, THAT ONE!!
Add a Comment View Comments» (2)
10 4.90 -
7 Jason Hurry my son, our Gold's Gym membership expires today! Add a Comment 10 4.20 -
8 Mike K His secret portal is over yonder. Go find that kid with the tennis shoes and tell him to bring more beef jerky. Oh, and some of those sour skittles, too. Those were pretty good. Add a Comment 10 4.20 -
9 Lane Moroni: "I can't. It's too want the impossible."
Quietly Mormon turns his head and raises his arm towards the stuck chariot.
Moroni: "I don't...I don't believe it."
Mormon: "That is why you fail." Add a Comment
10 4.10 -
10 Mike K "Tatanka!"
"No, dad. That's just cousin Moron foolin' around with one of our new battle helmets." Add a Comment
10 4.00 -
"Hey Moroni, what's he going on about?"
"Um...I think maybe he injured more than just his arm in that last battle..." Add a Comment
10 4.00 -
12 Mike K -NEW RELEASE!-
Lamanite Attack - a first person action-adventure game that takes you through the Promised Land. Defend your cities. Smite your enemies. Fight for truth and liberty! Can YOU fight like the captains of old? Will YOUR nation survive? Add a Comment
10 4.00 -
13 David ... and then the little gold leaf will fall to the ground, Amen. Add a Comment 11 3.82 -
14 Mike K Look there...another mushroom cloud. I told those foolish lamanites that their crazy plutonium experiments would be the end of us. Add a Comment 10 3.80 -
15 Jason I can't go on. Hurry, take these plates to the firey caverns of Mt. Doom. The Nazgul are almost upon us! Add a Comment 10 3.60 -
16 Marc 1. And it came to pass that Mormon didst read from the plate to his son Moroni.
2. And it came to pass that the sun did shine forth and scorch his retinae, such that Mormon did exclaim, "Mine eyes!"
3. And it came to pass that Moroni heeded the call and did venture forth to the resting place of his father.
4. And it came to pass that Mormon did beseech his son to furnish shade.
5. Now, Moroni was not wise in the manner of physics, wherefore Mormon did instruct his son regarding the nature of sunlight and did provide for him a means whereby he could construct a curtain, that thereby Mormon could find sanctuary to rehabilitate his vision. Add a Comment
10 3.60 -
17 Cassie Well, Buckskin Bill, right up there is Jim Moore's Homestead. I think there is a fine plot of land coming up on river left if you're interested... Add a Comment 10 3.50 -
18 Lane "Okay son, I'll be ready to go in a few..."
"Wait, have you done your morning stretches yet? Doctor's orders..."
"Dahh, I hate doing these..." Add a Comment View Comments» (3)
10 3.40 -
19 Jonathan Reticent leaf of great oak’s bough
Last victim of cold winter’s death
Alone and stoic in prophetic vow
Gives Joseph’s branch new life and breath.
Add a Comment View Comments» (1)
10 3.40 -
20 Leslie "hey, does everything have a reddish tint to it? or is it simply the blood gushing into my eyes from the massive wound on my forehead caused by your "fashion-happy" hat during battle?" Add a Comment 10 3.20 -
21 Logan In his delirious state, Mormon shows all signs of having Disco Fever "Ah ah ah ah staying alive, staying alive." Add a Comment 10 2.80 -
22 David These are the biggest damn mosquitos in the world. Help me keep them away! Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 11 2.73 -