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September 4-10, 2006
Week 9 of 13 | Contest 6

Photo Info: This is an upload from Jason of some kind of old lady who, it appears to be an understatement to say, has seen entirely too much sun.

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Chris N

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Chris N "Yeah, they're real." Add a Comment View Comments (3) 20 6.15 -
2 Jonathan Jane can handle a little teasing from a 5-year-old, she's got thick skin. Add a Comment 20 6.05 -
3 Chris N "Well, that's it...I'm gay." Add a Comment 20 5.70 -
4 Lane Grandma's KISS that day had a greater impact on little Gene Simmons than anyone could possibly predict... Add a Comment 20 5.70 -
5 Lane "Careful little boy, if you make a face it can stick that way forever. Nobody likes a freak, trust me." Add a Comment 20 5.50 -
6 Michelle "...and Grandma got so badly burned in the fire that the doctors said she needed new skin. But the only skin they could find came from a poor old walrus that had just died at the zoo..." Add a Comment 20 5.45 -
7 Jason Timmy: "Yuck grandma. Your kisses taste like french fries!" Add a Comment View Comments (5) 20 5.40 -
8 Jason I've never wanted a bikini strap to stay attached more in my life..... Add a Comment 20 5.25 -
9 Meghan Down here in the south we like our women like our food...deep fried and browned to a crisp Add a Comment 20 5.10 -
10 Leslie Elliot was sick of being teased at school so he made up an ugly imaginary friend to torment. Add a Comment 20 5.10 -
11 Meghan Heat to 115F. Cut away any excess fat and tuck the wings behind each breast. Bake for 40 to 60 years until browned and cooked through, turning occasionally. Add a Comment 20 5.05 -
12 Michelle "No, honey, you can't borrow Grandma's 'chaps' for your Halloween costume..." Add a Comment 20 4.90 -
13 Jason "You see Bobby, the secret to sunbathing is using a good, all natural Crisco oil. This helps you achieve that perfect sizzle. MMMMmmmmm. Can you smell it?" Add a Comment 20 4.90 -
14 Jonathan Benny thought it would be funny to rub saddle cream on grandma instead of her usual sun tan lotion. Add a Comment 20 4.85 -
15 Chad For some reason I'm craving fruit roll-ups. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 4.75 -
16 Chris N Whoa!!! Looks like someone didn't close her eyes when they opened the ark! Add a Comment 20 4.70 -
17 Lane "My only" Add a Comment 20 4.65 -
18 Chad I sometimes like to go to the beach in my leather shirt and pants and freak people out by putting a bikini over my leathers. Add a Comment 20 4.60 -
19 Jonathan Kip refutes the idea that "skinny" women are attractive. Add a Comment 20 4.60 -
20 Cassie Original recipe, or extra crispy? Add a Comment 20 4.60 -
21 Chad Proof that extreme exposure to sunlight can drop your breasts down to your belly button. Add a Comment 20 4.55 -
22 Meghan For years he heard about the Lizard Lady who lived at the beach, but it was only when he saw her forked tounge that he knew the rumors were true... Add a Comment 20 4.50 -
23 Joel "No, it's not a leather jacket kid, get out of here!" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 4.35 -
24 William "Plumps when you cook'em!" Add a Comment 20 4.15 -
25 Sara What do you mean where is your mom? I AM your mom . . . that was the longest nap you've ever taken. Add a Comment 20 4.15 -
26 David It isn't leather...... It is plether. Add a Comment 21 4.05 -
27 Sara Ewwww! Dad! I came back from collecting shells and there's a gross raisin lady sitting on my beach chair! Add a Comment 20 3.95 -
28 William SPF -10 anyone? Add a Comment 20 3.80 -
29 Amy M Little boy: "I think I just threw up a little in my mouth and swallowed it back down, yuuuck." Add a Comment 20 3.75 -
30 Michael The brave little boy yells "Stay out of my closet! I'm not scared of you anymore!" then sticks his tongue out at he thinks is the boogie man. Add a Comment 20 3.75 -
31 Joshua "what? what year is it? Carter isn't the president anymore?" Add a Comment 20 3.75 -
32 Michael Yes son. I am 2000 years old. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 3.65 -
33 William "Mrs. Rumpelstiltskin" Add a Comment 20 3.65 -
34 Leslie "it tastes like burning." Add a Comment 20 3.55 -
35 Sara "Hey, kid. Can you help me find my family? They left me here a few years ago and I don't know how to get home." Add a Comment 20 3.50 -
36 Amy M Leprosy, all my skin is falling off of me, I'm not half the woman I used to be (literally), oh leprosy. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 20 3.45 -
37 Amy M "Hey aren't you that lady that used to be a tubby tub fat lardy pants?"

"Sure kid, that was me, lost over 100 pounds and was named the Biggest Loser."

"You looked better when you were fat, now you're all saggy."

She sits wondering, "was it worth it?" Add a Comment
20 3.45 -
38 David Could be one of the grossest images I've seen. You young ladies, take note. "Use of sunscreen highly recommended." Add a Comment 21 3.43 -
39 William Mamasaurus rex is no match for junior! Add a Comment 20 3.30 -
40 Daniel You don't taste like chocolate at all. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 21 3.24 -
41 Jonathan The first step in reincarnation to a pug... or earthworm. Add a Comment 20 3.15 -
42 Joshua Toray KONG!!!!! Add a Comment View Comments (5) 20 3.05 -
43 Lane "And how's little Bobby?"
"He's fine. Oh, he does the cutest thing...when he sees something that really grosses him out, he'll stick out his little tongue." Add a Comment
20 3.00 -
44 Leslie Harold and Maude plan a lovely day together on the beach.
But it would not last long, for their outward affection is grossly apparent to those around them. The woman in white, disgusted by the display, tears toward the happy couple in an effort to end the romantic interlude. Add a Comment
20 2.95 -
45 Amber Little Billy: "You lied lady. That's not chocolate. I'm telling."
Billy never did recover from the trauma. To this day, he still refuses to eat chocolate resembling mummies. Add a Comment
20 2.80 -
46 Leslie yeah, her skin is definately vulgar, but the scrunchie in her hair is the thing capturing my undivided attention. Add a Comment 20 2.55 -