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September 18-24, 2006
Week 11 of 13 | Contest 6

Photo Info: This is an upload of a couple kids (esp. the one on the right) who have "supersized it", shall we say, a couple times too many...

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Michelle Grimshaw

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Michelle As a toddler, Benny discovered that he could swipe a lot of food with the old "Look over there!" trick. At age 5, he was still amazed at how frequently it worked. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 5.42 -
2 Loren "Will you hand me that napkin? I keep getting fries caught in my cleavage." Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 19 5.11 -
3 Loren The Donner party's dream come true! Add a Comment 19 5.05 -
4 Michelle Evidently, taking candy from a baby is harder than it sounds. Add a Comment 19 5.00 -
5 Jason "Sit down Grandpa. Nobody is going anywhere until all of this food is gone." Add a Comment 19 5.00 -
6 William "Lard help me" Add a Comment 19 4.95 -
7 Michelle Hey, Jimmy! Look at that skinny kid over there. I think he's actually eating fruit with his Happy Meal. What a sucker! [yelling] No fries for you, LOSER!
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19 4.84 -
8 Chris N WOO! WOO!!...Next stop: Diabetes. Add a Comment 19 4.84 -
9 Danene The picture of the "hungry" child Lane was sponsoring for only pennies per day finally arrived in the mail. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 19 4.84 -
10 Lane "Hey, I'm in the Guiness Book of World Records...what have YOU done?" Add a Comment 19 4.74 -
11 Leslie These two were eventually escorted out of McDonalds after attempting to eat the plastic balls in the Play Place. Add a Comment 19 4.58 -
12 Chad In the season premiere episode of "Lost", Hurley experiences painful flashbacks. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 4.53 -
13 Sara "Johnny's cute cheeks have gotten so chubby we can't really understand what he's saying no more, so we taught him a little sign language." Add a Comment 19 4.53 -
14 Brian The stay-puffed marshmallow man was known to have some crazy parties south of the border... Add a Comment 19 4.53 -
15 Lane "Hey Raul, how long has that lady been in the restroom? She left a half-eaten apple pie..." Add a Comment 19 4.47 -
16 Lane I'm shovin' it! Add a Comment 19 4.42 -
17 Joel "You weak minded fool. He's using an old Jedi mind trick." Add a Comment 19 4.37 -
18 William "...I knew we had a problem when he was having Big Mac Attacks during the teething stage...." Add a Comment 19 4.32 -
19 Mark Does this shirt make me look fat? Add a Comment 19 4.32 -
20 Michael "You! Get into my tummy!" Add a Comment View Comments» (4) 19 4.32 -
21 Jason "Dad, are you gonna finish that?" Add a Comment 19 4.21 -
22 Sara Bobby is still working through the psychological damage caused by his mother who used to joke around by telling people that he was really wearing a fat suit as punishment for making fun of fat kids. Add a Comment 19 4.11 -
23 Brian he drove all the other customers away, but who cares as long as you sell just as many big macs... Add a Comment 19 4.11 -
24 Michelle "Pull my finger." Add a Comment 19 4.05 -
25 Mark This is a photo taken at the celebration the Vargas family had after their son (seen on the left) was found unharmed after being lost for 3 days in his brothers belly button. Add a Comment 19 4.05 -
26 Lane "Yo Jorge...check out this fat chick." Add a Comment 19 4.05 -
27 David Jose decided that with a little work, he could market his son as the Michelin Man junior, in Latin America. Seen here is Marco asking for more fried food on his way to his father's dream. Add a Comment 19 3.95 -
28 Jason Mother to person at the next table: "Well yes, they are a little husky now, but you should've seen them last year before we started making them eat healthier." Add a Comment 19 3.95 -
29 Michael HAHAHA! You didn't finish your food! Add a Comment 19 3.89 -
30 Michael Where's the beef! Do you have it? Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 3.79 -
31 Jason "Hey doll-face. Whadaya think you're lookin at?!" Add a Comment 19 3.79 -
32 Michael At McDonalds, we have everything you need for your little sumo wrestler.

(McDonalds - A proud sponser of the 2006 Children's Sumo Wrestling Championship.) Add a Comment View Comments» (1)
19 3.74 -
33 Joel "Sylvia,(Child's mother) get me a Mcflurry!!!" Add a Comment 19 3.68 -
34 David "Supersize Me" goes Latin for the elementary school crowd. Add a Comment 19 3.68 -
35 Sara "Did YOU eat my other fudge sundae? You know what happens to people that eat MY food . . . " Add a Comment 19 3.68 -
36 Loren Chunk:Hey, mister? Are you hungry? I got a Baby Ruth.
Boy: Ruth! Ruth! Baby! Ruth!
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19 3.63 -
37 Sara Some parents put their kids in soccer leagues, beauty pageants, or piano lessons. Jack and Betty Jo are training their boys to enter the World Federation of Young Sumo Wrestlers. Add a Comment 19 3.53 -
38 Mark For his new movie "Pablo and Sanchez", Director Peter Jackson uses forced perspective (much like he did in "The Lord of the Rings") to make 72 pound Hector Gonzales (on right) appear much bigger than his co-star, 83 pound Manny Villenueva. Add a Comment 19 3.53 -
39 Loren "I'm Lovin' It!" Add a Comment 19 3.37 -
40 William "Forget the "supersize", lets Fatboy size it!!!" Add a Comment 19 3.32 -
41 Mark Wanting to feel accepted by his weatherman father, Bobby decides to one day be the first person to walk into the eye of a tornado. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 3.32 -
42 Jeff T Poster Child for the Jr. Extreme Makeover airs on Animal Planet Coming this Fall Add a Comment 19 3.26 -
43 William "So...are you going to eat that?" Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 19 2.84 -