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October 2-8, 2006
Week 13 of 13 | Contest 6

Photo Info: Last week of contest 6! Ooooh. This is a fairly recent upload entitled "cheater.jpg", for obvious reasons. I kinda liked it, so here it is. :)

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Jonathan Young

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jonathan Sometimes in foreign countries, the "Group Dating" clause in the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet is a little misunderstood. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 17 5.47 -
2 Lane Dude in the middle: "Isn't life grand? Cruisin' the street with my girl and my best friend...NOTHING could ruin a day like today..." Add a Comment 17 5.12 -
3 Jonathan Some studies conclude that the Chinese population has adapted to the 2:1 male to female ratio. Add a Comment 17 5.06 -
4 Jason Having grown up in Shanghai, Kim was well-known for her sharp senses and cat-like reflexes when it came to pickpockets. Add a Comment 17 4.94 -
5 Lane No Japanese youth dared go against the time-honored tradition of arranged least, not openly. Add a Comment 17 4.94 -
6 Jonathan There's a reason you should never date a girl with a "best friend". Add a Comment 17 4.88 -
7 Jason Amy found that the new TAG for Women body spray worked exactly as advertised. Add a Comment 17 4.82 -
8 Loren Dave and Tom, poor and desperate for action, decide to pool their money for an escort and a night on the town. Add a Comment 17 4.71 -
9 Jason Born in the thrid world with only so-so medical care, Tammy and Bobby had been conjoined at their hands since birth. Over the years they had developed many techniques which helped them live surprisingly normal lives. Add a Comment 17 4.65 -
10 Daniel Well, it looks like the world has gone to pot. The stop light is side ways and my sister is holding my best friends hand behind my back. Add a Comment 17 4.53 -
11 April J "I hate it when my boyfriend tags along! He always gets in the way!" Add a Comment 17 4.47 -
12 Sara As best friend of an unapproving brother, Trevor had to get in his moves when he could. This, however, doesn't do justice to some of his more creative efforts. Add a Comment 17 4.41 -
13 Sara Undaunted by the opposing team (obscured in this photo), the remaining players on the returning Red Rover champion team link together in a unique and unprecedented play configuration for a last chance effort to hang on to their title. Add a Comment 17 4.35 -
14 Jason In Japan, unfortunate men that can afford it use Viagra to help them please their partners. That's him on the left, Viagra Sumyunguy. Add a Comment 17 4.24 -
15 Loren The joy they are feeling for their first stop light is something only American Fork natives can truly understand. Add a Comment 17 4.24 -
16 Sara We like to call her Big-Amy, but it's not a weight thing . . . Add a Comment View Comments (3) 17 4.18 -
17 Loren While preparing for his mission Chou felt that while he is away the best way to keep an eye on his girlfriend was to ensure his best freind spent as much time with her as possible. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 4.06 -
18 Michael They had been best friends and they shared EVERYTHING. Add a Comment 17 4.00 -
19 Daniel No butt touching in front of me. Add a Comment View Comments (4) 17 3.94 -
20 Lane The Chinese Women's Basketball team was a close knit bunch. Add a Comment 17 3.94 -
21 Steve When new mariage legislation passed for the marriage of a man and a man and a man and a woman, no one counted on this interpratation. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 18 3.89 -
22 Daniel Johnny, tell Chris that I love him. Add a Comment 17 3.82 -
23 Loren Tammy, excited by the return of polygamy, ran with her husband to the nearest basketball court to put claim on her next victim. Add a Comment View Comments (5) 17 3.82 -
24 Sara Sue's boyfriends knew her all too well and quickly restrained her before she had the chance to jump on the back of the other guy's motorbike. Add a Comment 17 3.65 -
25 Jonathan Three friends on their way to a pokemon tournament. Add a Comment 17 3.47 -
26 Lane The three remaining friends looked on fondly as Mahmoud, drawer of the shortest straw 5 min. previously, sped off on the little scooter to blow up a local pizza parlor in downtown Tel Aviv. Add a Comment View Comments (3) 17 3.41 -
27 Michael HEY! Please don't touch my boyfriend's butt! Add a Comment 17 2.94 -
28 Leslie Why did the chicken cross the road?

He didn't.
Instead he bravely grabbed the hand of a girl he secretly loved. Add a Comment
17 2.94 -
29 Michael The poor chinese boys who who have to resort to THIS!!! Add a Comment 17 2.47 -