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November 6-12, 2006
Week 5 of 13 | Contest 7

Photo Info: I can't be certain, but I'm guessing one or more of these guys will be fired soon. :)

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Jonathan Young

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jonathan Bring-your-kid-to-work day didn't work out so well for the Conductors' Union. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 17 5.88 -
2 Michelle The "giant cardboard-cutout train dangling precariously over the interstate" trick never failed to entertain the bored UDOT workers. Add a Comment 17 5.00 -
3 Nate Urban trundling. Add a Comment View Comments (3) 17 4.88 -
4 Lane "Wow, I thought a yard and a meter were the bad." Add a Comment 17 4.76 -
5 Daniel New Orlean's Engineering Society engineers meet at the top of a bridge. "Hmmm, the simulation said that this hand rail should have held." Add a Comment 17 4.76 -
6 Michelle Larry: "OK, guys. We'll just tell the boss that our map didn't show this dead end."
Dirk: "But that still doesn't explain why we were driving a train on the freeway." Add a Comment
17 4.71 -
7 Lane Next on Mythbusters: If you watch movies, you know that if a vehicle starts to go over an edge, it will always stop JUST at the teetering point so as to maximize suspense and intrigue. We tested the theory over and over with several vehicles in several different scenarios and guess what. Myth: Confirmed. Add a Comment 17 4.65 -
8 Michelle "I TOLD you we should have spent that money on brakes instead of fancy yellow doors." Add a Comment 17 4.65 -
9 Jonathan A recent study on the results of serving alcoholic beverages on the metro showed an increase in mishaps, but also that passengers were more calm during the emergency. Add a Comment 17 4.59 -
10 William If Train A departs the station at 2:14pm with Engineer Lane, and Train B departs the station at 2:51p with Engineer Mike, which train will run out of track first? Add a Comment 17 4.59 -
11 Lane "Well...there go Christmas bonuses." Add a Comment 17 4.47 -
12 William "Amtrak: Come hang with us!" Add a Comment 17 4.41 -
13 Sara Shortly after being spurned by her long-time crush, Thomas the Tank Engine, Shiela desparately attempts to get his attention. Add a Comment 17 4.41 -
14 Lane "Spiderman is probably drunk at some bar...loser. In the old days this never would have happened..." Add a Comment 17 4.35 -
15 Brent "What the... We've come to the edge of the world. The earth really is flat. That Columbus was full of crap." Add a Comment 17 4.35 -
16 Sara This short-lived model was known as "the Winnebago of mass transit." What it lacked in performance and safety it more than made up for in synthetic luxury. Add a Comment 17 4.18 -
17 Jonathan Jimmy, a new purchasing agent, found that he could save some money for the metro if he ordered trains from England. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 4.12 -
18 Brent What you get when some people want an L-train, and some want a Subway. Add a Comment 17 4.12 -
19 Loren "Hey Bill, Hows it hanging?" Add a Comment 17 3.94 -
20 Jason Ever since King Kong joined the United Monster's Union Local 477th, he never seemed fully motivated to finish the job. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 3.88 -
21 Brent "Well, how 'bout that. I thought that Runaway Train was just a song..." Add a Comment 17 3.88 -
22 Cassie The producers of "Speed 3" had a difficult time coordinating the budget and logistics of their latest venture. Add a Comment 17 3.76 -
23 Michelle "Whoa! Did you guys see that??? That Camaro down there just ran over a squirrel!" Add a Comment 17 3.76 -
24 Steve Hey, I said we need FOUR MEN watching! Add a Comment 18 3.72 -
25 William "Amtrak....going soused for the winter!" Add a Comment 17 3.65 -
26 Daniel Well, Chuck, I still think I won, your front wheels are only hangin' out there 6 feet. When I did it they were hangin' out there at least 6 and 1/2. Add a Comment 17 3.65 -
27 Allison Avoid commuter panic and frustration. Vote "Yes!" on Referendum 17. Add a Comment 17 3.59 -
28 Daniel Bob, it's a good thing you have AFLAC. They will pay all your medical bills.
But George I didn't get hurt...
Just then George kicks Bob in the nuts as Joey punches him upside the head. "What the hell man," Bob mutters as he falls to the ground. Add a Comment View Comments (1)
17 3.35 -
29 Sara The Tracked and the Turbulent: Off the Rails . . . crashing into a theater near you. Add a Comment 17 3.29 -
30 Jonathan Jenny was a little confused, but wanted to impress her new boss when he tolder her to put the car on the new cantilevered parking surface. Add a Comment View Comments (4) 17 2.82 -