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November 20-26, 2006
Week 7 of 13 | Contest 7

Photo Info: In honor of Thanksgiving (sort of), I give you manly turkey hunter guy. What would we do w/o people like him to remind the savage beast who is at the top of the food chain? :)

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Jason Elessar

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Jason Fortunately, Jeb's hunting companions were able to correct his misunderstanding of "mounting a turkey" just in the nick of time. Add a Comment 13 5.85 -
2 Jonathan First to the kill, Jake installs the pop-up timer. Add a Comment 13 5.77 -
3 Jason Doug Waterman, DVM, out on another field call. "Ok, now turn your head and cough." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 13 5.54 -
4 Steve I wonder why the indians don't join us at Thanksgiving anymore? Is it because we insist on shaking hands? Add a Comment 14 5.29 -
5 Lane Frank knew he was beginning to lose interest in hunting when, precisely during his moment of glory, he caught himself "thinking Arby's". Add a Comment 13 5.15 -
6 Michelle Known as the "Martha Stewart of the hunting world," Darrell shows off his exquisite Thanksgiving centerpiece. Add a Comment 13 5.15 -
7 Lane A REAL turkey hunter extracts and devours the giblets at the site of the kill. Add a Comment 13 5.08 -
8 Sara You know you're a redneck when you go to the photo studio to pose for hunting pictures. Add a Comment 13 5.00 -
9 Lane I sense fowl play. Add a Comment 13 5.00 -
10 Jason Dan, the mighty bird hunter, makes sure the killing moment is preserved on film so his wife can see it later that night. Add a Comment 13 4.92 -
11 Chad Dan got 5 additional years for molesting a turkey so close to Thanksgiving.
Add a Comment
13 4.77 -
12 Jonathan "No eggs in this one either." Add a Comment 13 4.69 -
13 Loren John the proctologist could not help but take his work home with him. Add a Comment 13 4.62 -
14 William "I love being in camo and hunting.....honey do you see my gun anywhere?" Add a Comment 14 4.57 -
15 Michelle Bobby! I got one! Man, this is the weirdest lookin' duck I ever seen. Add a Comment 13 4.54 -
16 William "As President, I did not have sexual relations with any intern or turkey" Add a Comment 14 4.43 -
17 Sara Taken seconds before Trent learned for good that verifying a turkey is dead is key *before* handling its rump. Add a Comment 13 4.38 -
18 Michelle "Hee hee...this feels gooey." Add a Comment 13 4.38 -
19 Lane This photo of a human face floating mysteriously above a turkey carcass became an overnight sensation in the "belief in the paranormal" circles. Add a Comment 13 4.23 -
20 Jonathan "Look, when I push here, the feathers fluff up." Add a Comment 13 4.23 -
21 April J "Quick! Act like your dead! I can't let these people think I have gone all soft on em!" Add a Comment 14 4.14 -
22 Sara "Check this out guys . . . I think I got a pregnant one!" Add a Comment 13 4.08 -
23 Michael "This is the before picture of me showing how to skin a turkey with one pull of the legs." Add a Comment 14 4.07 -
24 Sara Behr-ne-nehr-nehr-nehr-nehr-nehr-nehr-nehr . . . Add a Comment View Comments (6) 13 3.92 -
25 Jonathan JD collects some Nutri-Mulch starter. Add a Comment 13 3.69 -
26 Brian LaVerne is a three year turkey bowl champoin quarterback in his ward.
"Hike!" Add a Comment View Comments (2)
13 3.54 -
27 Joel After the initial thrill of instantaneously destroying life wears off some hunters go to new lows to get a high. Add a Comment 13 3.54 -
28 Ben Where's Billyjoealdo? Add a Comment 14 2.57 -
29 Loren Bill, check it out... Take a picture of the random piece of grass I found. Add a Comment 13 2.38 -