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December 4-10, 2006
Week 9 of 13 | Contest 7

Photo Info: Everyone deserves a little R&R...and I don't see any reason why that should exclude the fat man...

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Michelle Grimshaw

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Michelle Ten years of being a mall Santa had taken its toll on Mel's sanity. Just 5 days into the gig this year, mall security found him lounging in a Sears display, shirtless, and drinking a glass of motor oil. Add a Comment View Comments (4) 11 7.18 -
2 Michelle The older he got, the more eccentric Lane became. By his early 70s, the only remaining consistency in his life was the excessive Diet Dew intake. Add a Comment 11 6.27 -
3 Michelle Santa's smile vanished the moment he tasted the special "cocktail" prepared for him by some (unbeknownst to him) disgruntled elves. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 11 6.09 -
4 April J Santa Chuckles to himself as he thinks about how he just put HIMSELF on the "naughty" list! *wink* * wink* Add a Comment View Comments (8) 11 5.91 -
5 Lane "A global warming." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 11 5.91 -
6 Lane Not everyone is upset about the outsourcing of jobs to India. Add a Comment 11 5.82 -
7 Lane Santa's lazy, lesser known brother, Old Saint Hick. Add a Comment 11 5.00 -
8 Jason Fed up with all the world's spoiled brats, newly retired Santa Claus enjoys a nice venison steak and a beverage other than hot cocoa for the first time. Add a Comment 11 4.91 -
9 Jason Santa realized this year that after accounting for time, meals and reindeer maintanence and feeding, that he could roughly break even by using UPS for present delivery instead. The airline miles he earned on his credit card weren't bad either. Add a Comment 11 4.73 -
10 Sara 800 million households in 190 countries and I've still got a couple hours for myself before Mrs. Claus gets up--hot damn, I'm good! Add a Comment 11 4.73 -
11 Lane Santa fantasizes about what it would be like if every boy and girl in the world simultaneously showed up on the "naughty list". Add a Comment 11 4.45 -
12 Sara Exasperated, Gina vowed never to trust text-only product descriptions on eBay again. She was really looking forward to finally getting her hands on that "Precious Moments Santa" collectible poster. Add a Comment 11 4.36 -
13 Ben After too many drinks Santa was needing a visit from "Mylanta" Clause Add a Comment 11 3.91 -
14 Michelle With the apocalypse imminent, Santa enjoyed his new life of leisure. Add a Comment 11 3.82 -
15 Sara Emotions ran high near the wrap of the "Holiday Icons on Holiday 2007" calendar photo shoots. Cupid, the Leprechaun, the Easter Bunny, and even Uncle Sam all accused Santa of offering bribes to earn favor in the location assignments. Add a Comment 11 3.82 -
16 Jordan H After a long night at work, Santa's beard had had enough, and slowly began to tighten around his neck. Add a Comment 11 3.27 -
17 Jason Chad's new potion for hair growth was more successful than he ever imagined. He grew hair on his head, face, chest, and arms almost overnight. Bottoms up! Add a Comment 11 3.18 -
18 Jason "Now, where did I put my crack pipe?" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 11 2.82 -