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January 15-21, 2007
Week 2 of 13 | Contest 8

Photo Info: This is another upload. Whoever sent it feel free to elaborate on its origins. Oh yeah, happy MLK day, or whatever they're calling it now. :)

PHASE: Contest has Ended!
Congratulations to this week's winner:
Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane "They may give us our meals, they may give us our baths, but they'll never give us...OUR FREEDOM!" Add a Comment View Comments (4) 16 6.31 -
2 Jeff T Everybody thought that "Thor" was a crazy old loon, until the point he summoned fire in a birthday cake, that is. Add a Comment View Comments (3) 16 5.88 -
3 Jonathan Grandma: "I don't know what Robbie does when he goes to his lodge meetings, but that night he's like a Norse god in the bedroom" Add a Comment View Comments (1) 16 5.81 -
4 Lane Superhero "The Hoarse Norse", whose voice was able to make objects just burst into flame, celebrates his retirement with one last unbearable screech. Add a Comment 16 5.62 -
5 Sara "I said Creme Brulee! Lighting the damn thing on fire doesn't make it a gourmet dessert!" Add a Comment View Comments (2) 16 5.56 -
6 Leslie This picture was taken just moments before he threw his dentures into the flames and jubilantly cried, "Down with Matlock!" Add a Comment 16 5.56 -
7 Jason What happens in Shady Acres, stays in Shady Acres... Add a Comment 16 5.44 -
8 Lane Oscar celebrates after winning the home's annual all-expense-paid funeral lottery. Add a Comment 16 5.25 -
9 Sara Earl insists on having a Viking funeral...but until he finally kicks it, he'll have to settle for Viking birthdays. Add a Comment 16 5.19 -
10 Sara Worried about his heart condition, Russell's buddies decided to go with something a little less exciting than a stripper jumping out of the cake--much to his disappointment. Add a Comment 16 5.06 -
11 Jonathan Harrison Ford vamps up the action in his "final" chapter to the Indiana Jones Saga. Add a Comment 16 4.94 -
12 Jonathan In an attempt to rejuvenate the Fundamentalist movement, Warren Jeffs delivers a new and more exciting wedding ceremony. Add a Comment 16 4.94 -
13 Meghan Nothing says "Happy 87th" like a burning poundcake and a plastic viking hat. Add a Comment 16 4.81 -
14 Lane "Grandpa, tell us the gun story again!"
"Oh alright, gather 'round. So, there I was, just me and this Nazi. He slowly raised his arm and I saw the bloodcurdling sight of the inside of a Luger barrel. 'Come on, you kraut bastard, shoot me!', I screamed. BAM! Caught the first bullet in my right hand, like this. BAM! Caught the second in my left. 'Is that all you got?!', I yelled at that fascist son of a bitch. 'Watch me catch the next one with my TEETH!'" Add a Comment
16 4.81 -
15 Meghan By the power of Grayskull... Add a Comment 16 4.56 -
16 Meghan To celebrate passing all his kidney stones, this party honored Fred's triumph and let the burning stick with the cake... Add a Comment 16 4.50 -
17 Jonathan Escaleto's final masterpiece, "The Dichotomy of the Nucleus of a Luchador, expressed as a dessert." Add a Comment View Comments (1) 16 4.44 -
18 Nate This picture was taken moments before the 911 call. Add a Comment 16 4.38 -
19 Sara Willard's in an Alzheimers care facility for aging convicts now...but he's never really forgotten his love of fire... Add a Comment 16 4.25 -
20 Jordan H Valhalla, I am coming!
Add a Comment
16 4.19 -
21 Leslie There are 7 dangerous objects in this picture. How many can you find? Hint: The elderly gentleman's arthritic knuckles count as one. Add a Comment View Comments (6) 16 4.00 -
22 Jason For his birthday, Fred treated himself to a triple dose of Viagra. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 16 3.94 -
23 Jason The lost 'Helm of Mormon' can give its wearer tremendous power. (see contest 6, week of Aug 21) Add a Comment View Comments (6) 16 3.94 -
24 Jason Even after all these years, Earl still dominated any Blue Flame competition. Add a Comment 16 3.75 -