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January 29-February 4, 2007
Week 4 of 13 | Contest 8

Photo Info: Another upload. I'm not sure how this happened, but what makes it doubly tragic...that's a Ferrari under there. Brutal.

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Nate Haldeman

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Nate ...and that's where baby scooters come from. Add a Comment View Comments (1) 16 6.19 -
2 Jonathan After months of nagging for an Italian ride comparable to her husband's, Sharon's husband gave her a Vespa; then she made it comparable. Add a Comment 16 5.75 -
3 Brad Walt Disney and Pixar present: Cars
*Unrated and Uncut!!* Add a Comment View Comments (2)
16 5.75 -
4 Jeff T Why yes, she DID get the Ferrari in the divorce, but let's just say that's been taken care of. Add a Comment 16 5.25 -
5 Jason When vehicles are allowed to breed in the wild, it can be dangerous... Add a Comment View Comments (1) 16 5.00 -
6 Jason Murphy's Law: After 20 years of marriage, Jim had FINALLY convinced his wife to let him buy that Ferrari he'd always wanted. He couldn't drive it just yet because he hadn't yet added it to his insurance policy so for now he would just enjoy sitting in the drivers seat while in the garage.... Add a Comment 16 5.00 -
7 Jeff T I like to refer to this photo as "My son's last day on Earth". Add a Comment 16 4.88 -
8 Michelle No longer confined to the U.S. Congress, the bitter animosity between Republicans and Democrats was spilling over into the once quiet streets of suburban America. Add a Comment View Comments (7) 16 4.88 -
9 Lane Question on driver license test...

The driver of the blue truck failed to:

A) slow to a safe speed before the curve.
B) use left turn signal light to give warning to other drivers.
C) use high beams for best visibility.
D) check for Ferraris before pulling into garage. Add a Comment View Comments (2)
16 4.88 -
10 Steve huh! Ford came out on top of Ferrari. Must have been a good year. Add a Comment 17 4.76 -
11 Jonathan Before Joey wrecked his vehicles, he was often seen cruisin' state or going to a rodeo; nowadays he just hangs out at the cyber-cafe. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 16 4.75 -
12 Cassie Their last game of chicken ended in a tie. Add a Comment 16 4.69 -
13 Lane "If you buy me that blue can have your precious Ferrari."
"But honey, you don't know how to drive a stick."
"I'll learn..." Add a Comment
16 4.69 -
14 Jason Ah, Canadians. They crack me up! Add a Comment 16 4.50 -
15 Sara When road rage follows you home . . . Add a Comment 16 4.38 -
16 Lane Have you driven a Ford over a Ferrari lately? Add a Comment 16 4.38 -
17 Leslie Man 1: "Tough luck!"
Man 2: "What are you going to do about the Ferrari!?!"
Man 3: "Well... first, I guess I ought to replace the 'new car' freshner with traditional 'vanilla'." Add a Comment
16 4.38 -
18 Brad SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY!! Ex-wives get revenge in the Delta Center! Bigfoot doesn't hold a candle to these middle-aged mothers!

"I'll show him a mid-life crisis!" Becky (the bruiser) Morris
Add a Comment
16 4.31 -
19 Jonathan When the pizza guy gets his addresses screwed up someone gets a free pizza, when Ty Pennington gets the address wrong... Add a Comment 16 4.19 -
20 David Honey, the break pedal is the big one on the left. Add a Comment 16 4.12 -
21 Jonathan The ambivalent nature of running a meth house. Add a Comment View Comments (2) 16 4.12 -
22 Anonymous Add a Comment View Comments (4) 17 4.00 -
23 Lane It's a serene morning in the suburbs. A man in his bathrobe lazily waters the flowers in his front yard. Then suddenly a deafening noise from the garage...

16 3.69 -
24 Casey Ferrari $120,000.00
Ford Truck $30,000.00
Moped $Priceles... Add a Comment
17 3.65 -
25 Kelli Death to all gas guzzlers! Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 3.59 -
26 Terry What the... Who busted my tail-light?!? and I'm due for an inspection too!!! Add a Comment View Comments (1) 17 3.35 -
27 Sara Yep, that Billy Bob has got one reckless sense of humor. Looks like he's been bragging about the "blue dart's" "gas mileage" again. Add a Comment 16 3.12 -
28 Jason The real questrion is, who knocked out that truck's tailight? Add a Comment View Comments (2) 16 2.81 -
29 Brian 'Merika: Love it or leave it Add a Comment View Comments (2) 17 2.00 -