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February 5-11, 2007
Week 5 of 13 | Contest 8

Photo Info: Another upload. This is one of those photos where I'm glad they didn't include an "after" shot. :)

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Lane Pollock

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Lane New from Walt Disney: "The Lion Fling". Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 17 6.35 -
2 Brad My Bishop warned me that passionate kissing would lead to more dangerous activities. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 17 6.18 -
3 Jeff T Bob would be forever grateful to whomever it was that resuscitated him when he collapsed against the lion cage. Add a Comment 17 5.47 -
4 Jonathan Japanese daredevil, Ronnie Price, had performed this trick dozens of times, but this was the first time they both had braces. Add a Comment 17 5.24 -
5 Brad Anyone else up for some chinese food? Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 17 5.12 -
6 Lane The Cowardly Lion's nemesis: Extremely Forward Lion. Add a Comment 17 5.12 -
7 Brad After reading the headline, "French woman receives first face transplant after being bitten by dog," Ugly-face Malone saw his trip to the zoo as a golden opportunity. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 17 5.00 -
8 Jason Pedro's attempt to bring a traveling circus to Narnia was very successful until the whole Aslan scandal became public. Add a Comment View Comments» (5) 17 4.88 -
9 Jonathan First day at his new job at Hoggle zoo, Suhn steps a little to close and gets his first taste of "jungle love." Add a Comment View Comments» (6) 17 4.88 -
10 Jonathan Another downside of having breath that smells like zebra. Add a Comment 17 4.88 -
11 William At the MGM Hotel and Casino, if you can't pay your bill, they don't send just any collection agent. Add a Comment 17 4.88 -
12 William Leon was glad that his conjugal visit with Wilma was for only an hour. Add a Comment 17 4.76 -
13 Michelle With years of gender preference leaving eligible females in short supply, men in China had to get a little creative. Add a Comment 17 4.71 -
14 Nate Worst NCMO ever. Add a Comment View Comments» (13) 17 4.65 -
15 Brad Simba always knew Timon and Pumba were right. It feels good to toss aside social conventions and do what you feel like.

Hakunah Matata!
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17 4.59 -
16 Jason "Why Grandma, what big paws you have!" Add a Comment 17 4.59 -
17 Lane There are many signs of animal intelligence...rats traversing a maze to find cheese, monkeys learning sign language, lions performing CPR, etc. Add a Comment 17 4.59 -
18 Sara Who's the Cowardly Lion now, chump?! Add a Comment 17 4.53 -
19 Mark Don't tell me you just ate a gazelle? You know I hate the taste of gazelle. Go use some mouth wash and then we'll see if I'm still in the mood. Add a Comment 17 4.47 -
20 Mark Despite being a member of the National Geographic Society for 12 straight years, Luis didn't realize that the lions with long hair are NOT the girl lions. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 17 4.41 -
21 Mark Hold still! I smell hamburger stuck between your two front teeth. I'll get it out for you. Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 17 4.35 -
22 Alison After Leona’s Extreme Makeover, Lionel just couldn't keep his paws off her. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 17 4.35 -
23 Loren Damnit Lion!.... I thought I told you to shave. Add a Comment 17 4.29 -
24 Sara Ahh, those crazy extreme Japanese game shows...what will they think of next?! Add a Comment 17 4.29 -
25 Joel They may not approve of our relationship but these metal bars will never keep us apart!! Add a Comment 17 4.18 -
26 Sara Apparently tongue is a delicacy for lions, too. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 17 4.18 -
27 Michelle Lois believed Jim when he said she was his one and only, but she could never explain why he always showed up late, smelling suspiciously of polar bear. Add a Comment 17 4.12 -
28 Leslie the closest i've come to this situation is the lion drinking fountain at hoogle zoo. it's comparable. Add a Comment 17 4.12 -
29 Alison When they started to film "Lady and the Tramp", the live action film, the crew knew that they had to step up the pasta-love scene. Add a Comment 17 4.00 -
30 Jason A little known sequel made in the 70's, "Planet of the Cats" still enjoys a small but loyal fan base today. "Get your hands off me you damned, dirty feline!" Add a Comment 17 3.88 -
31 Mark A soft but passionate kiss was the perfect way to end a perfect night that included a big dinner of roast buffalo at Cabela's followed by a private showing of 'The Ghost and the Darkness' back at Eduardo's place.
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17 3.82 -
32 Jonathan Quick-thinking Lance narrowly escaped with a snot blow and a sneeze. Add a Comment 17 3.47 -
33 Jeff T What's the appropriate follow-up to this, slapping him? I don't think so. Add a Comment 17 3.18 -
34 Sara Ewww! No! My toes! I said it tickles when you lick my toes! Add a Comment 17 3.12 -
35 Jason "Careful Julie, at night cats will steal your breath while you are sleeping." Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 17 2.94 -
36 Lane "You remember Roy Horn? I'll make that look like a minor nosebleed. Filet mignon, don't forget!" Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 17 2.82 -
37 Michelle You broke my heart, Fredo. Add a Comment 17 2.71 -
38 Steve "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth," no wait..."pull the torn from the lion's paw," no, no, "a mouse will free a loin's", " to eat and Elephant"... ummm " how many licks does it take to get to the center..." oh yeah, Hebrews 11:33, that's the one. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 18 2.61 -
39 Ben I think I see some tongue. Add a Comment 18 2.56 -