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February 26-March 4, 2007
Week 8 of 13 | Contest 8

Photo Info: Another fairly recent upload...which doesn't really need any additional explaining. :)

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Michelle Grimshaw

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Name Caption Votes Average You
1 Michelle While Kaylee distracted Mickey with her crotch-kicking tantrum, Jessica made off with Mickey's wallet and special edition Tinkerbell watch. Add a Comment 16 5.88 -
2 Lane I believe I see a couple mouskaTEARS. Add a Comment 16 5.44 -
3 Mark Having learned about the Bubonic plague in her kindergarten class, Cindy decides to exact a little revenge. Add a Comment 16 5.38 -
4 Brad Mickey simply couldn't take it anymore. After fifty years of entertaining children, he was dying to know what they tasted like. Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 16 5.12 -
5 Nate The reason Mickey's voice is so high. Add a Comment 17 5.00 -
6 Michelle Fortunately for Mickey, the Characters Union had just recently won its quest to require reinforced steel codpieces be built into male costumes. Add a Comment 16 4.81 -
7 Mark Unbeknownst to the public, in 1974 Mickey fought a courageous battle with testicular cancer. He prevailed, but his tumor-ridden testicles are now locked away in the Disney Vaults. Therefore, Suzy's kick, though well placed, missed by nearly ¼ mile, and the mouse continued, unfazed, to gnaw at her head. Add a Comment View Comments» (3) 16 4.75 -
8 Alison As soon as little Suzy saw Mickey for the first time she just had to show him her Mousercise moves. Add a Comment 16 4.75 -
9 Sara Not exactly the kind of magic Jason was expecting at his new dream job... Add a Comment View Comments» (1) 16 4.50 -
10 Lane Katie shows Mickey what she thinks of Disneyland's $83 admission price. Add a Comment 16 4.50 -
11 Michelle Sensing that this photo would produce a record low number of captions on POTW, Gracie tries unsuccessfully to run out of the frame. Add a Comment 16 4.44 -
12 Sara Mickey was mortified when his picture showed up on the "What Not To Do" slide of the annual Disney Employee Training presentation on appropriate child relations. Add a Comment 16 4.44 -
13 Jason "What??? Eight bucks just to get my photo with you? Why you greedy son of a .....!!!" Add a Comment 16 4.38 -
14 Lane Little Cindy was more of a Warner Bros. kinda gal...and she wasn't afraid to show it. Add a Comment 16 4.38 -
15 Brad M-I-C...See you real soon...K-E-Y...WHY ARE YOU KICKING ME IN THE CROTCH!!?!...OW...STOP IT...I BRUISE EASILY!! Add a Comment 16 4.19 -
16 Lane Women's fear of mice is age independent... Add a Comment 16 4.19 -
17 Mark After years of frustration from being in the shadow of Mickey Mouse, Goofy finally hired some “help” from He should have realized that something was amiss when he was told that as payment, they wanted 2,000 pieces of bubblegum. Add a Comment 16 4.12 -
18 Leslie Sue to her little sister, "Go find Mater or Nemo! I'll take care of this monochromatic 2D character." Add a Comment 16 4.12 -
19 Jason Luckily, the employee wearing the Mickey costume was married; his balls were long since gone. Add a Comment 16 4.12 -
20 Sara "Did Goofy tell you tha...hey, stop that! I did NOT dump Minnie to go after Cinderella.....Goofy!" Add a Comment 16 4.06 -
21 Mark Adopted daughter of feminists Laura and Susan McGuire, Jenny didn’t take kindly to Mickey calling her “toots.” Add a Comment View Comments» (2) 16 4.00 -
22 Joel Mickey watched so many Disney movies that the subliminal messages got to him. Add a Comment 16 3.75 -
23 Nate Terrorists are now using children to infiltrate Disneyland. Add a Comment 17 3.00 -
24 David Mikey: Mmmm.... I like to eat little girls. Get in my belly!
Chow Lin: Schi-hao Sally, cho ling lang (Sorry Sally, every girl for herself!) Add a Comment View Comments» (3)
16 2.94 -
25 Jason Regrettably, Greg's daughter had not been taught a love for Mickey. Add a Comment 16 2.25 -
26 David Let me go you stupid perverted mouse! Take that! Add a Comment 16 2.19 -